What is hybrid learning and what's its impact on L&D?

Catch all the highlights from Episode 11 of the Learning with Go1 podcast. This week, we're joined by the founders of Quantum Rise to talk all about hybrid learning.   
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

At Go1, we understand the importance technology plays in helping to maintain the quality of L&D work - keeping the learning experience consistent, no matter where the employee. 

In Episode 11 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, meet our new host Craig Hamill - Senior Customer Success Manager at Go1. Each week, Craig will be joined by L&D/HR professionals around the globe, undertaking various roles, across a variety of industries.  

In this episode of the series, Craig is joined by the founders of Quantum Rise Talent Group, Erica Farmer and Hayley Bird, to talk about a very hot topic currently floating around in the L&D space - hybrid learning.  

Leaving no stone unturned, Craig, Erica and Hayley discussed the following: 

  • What is hybrid learning?  
  • How is it different to blended learning?  
  • How to identify if hybrid learning is an impactful approach for your own projects.  
  • Ways to successfully implement hybrid learning, including some useful tips and hacks. 

Check out some of our favourite highlights from the episode below.  

What is hybrid learning? 

By definition, hybrid learning offers a targeted learning experience, taking learner preferences into account to create an optimised and highly experiential blend of online and in-person learning. 

To add to that, Erica believes that hybrid learning is all about improving accessibility, inclusivity, and has the ability to bring learners right to the centre of your L&D strategy.  

Can hybrid learning drive inclusive learning opportunities? 

Hybrid working has created the need for L&D professionals to review their approach to learning, which in many organisations, now feels like a fragmented environment for learning in the flow of work.  

The great thing about hybrid learning according to Hayley, is this power of flexibility. This flexibility has allowed L&D to align more closely together and deliver a more dynamic, effective and inclusive learning environment. Hayley goes into more detail with this below. 

How can hybrid learning drive digital transformation? 

As businesses look to adopt new approaches to workplace learning with varying degrees of flexibility, hybrid learning allows L&D teams to rise above and reshape their learning experiences. Erica explains this more below. 

Hybrid learning - where do you start? 

When it comes to getting started with hybrid learning, Erica's number one advice is to make sure you're comfortable in the virtual space. While there isn't a "magic bullet", there are certainly some things you can do to prepare.

Top tips for implementing hybrid learning in the workplace 

The key takeaways for people either starting out on that journey or thinking about embracing hybrid learning are:   

  1. Embrace an inclusivity mindset - challenge your own preferences, your own biases, and put yourself in your learners' shoes.  
  2. Don't be afraid to integrate technology – using the latest technologies enhances the quality of the learning experience which is absolutely critical for learner engagement. It also promotes collaboration and brings people closer together. In the age of rapid digital transformation, you can either stay up-to-date or risk falling behind. 
  3. Don't assume that there is never more to learn – there are always going to be new opportunities for hybrid learning, something new to implement. Make sure you are continuously evolving to ensure success within your organisation. 
  4. Practice knowledge sharing – whether it's wins or fails or what would you do differently, share it! Share it as a community network. Share your learnings with other people. As the saying goes, “Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.” 

We hope you enjoyed the podcast and learned a thing or two about hybrid learning. 

We look forward to continuing the rest of the series with L&D professionals already scheduled to join us from Italy, Cyprus, Eqypt, Oman, Finland, The Netherlands, Australia, USA and many more. Stay tuned! 

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