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How to empower employees to learn seamlessly in the flow of work

Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin, Microsoft’s Senior Learning Experience Designer Jane Hourigan, and Delta Airlines’ Director of Learning Brandon Carson talk about how the way learners access and consume training is changing, and what that means for L&D professionals.
Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Recently, Go1 has been doing more and more to deeply integrate Go1 learning content and learning experiences into Microsoft’s suite of products.  

With the announcement of our exciting integration with Microsoft Viva, Go1 customers are more empowered than ever to learn seamlessly in the flow of work.

Why is learning in the flow so important? 

At Go1, we believe employee learning experiences should be frictionless. And that it’s essential to empower employees with learning at their fingertips. 

Who better to explain the benefits of learning in the flow of the work than the man who coined the expression, Josh Bersin? 

Here, Josh talks about the reasons why it’s so important to make learning in the flow of work a natural part of your employees’ day.   

How is Microsoft approaching learning in the flow?

Microsoft’s Jane Hourigan explains how they are solving learning and collaboration within their suite of products.  

As Jane says, these solutions are within Microsoft Teams - and since Viva Learning is integrated into the Teams experience, users can expect to access learning content more simply than ever before.  

What’s a clear example of learning in the flow? 

Below, Brandon Carson of Delta Airlines gives a clear example of how the company’s employees are learning in the flow of work, ensuring critical safety training for frontline workers.   

And why learning in the flow of work isn’t just important for office workers.  

Keen to hear the whole conversation? Watch the full recording here.

And visit go1.com/go1-microsoft-viva to learn more about the Go1 and Viva integration. 

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