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How do we build the future skills needed for jobs that don't yet exist? 

Episode 26 of the Learning with Go1 podcast is live! Hear what L&D experts Laura Overton and Shannon Tipton have to say about the challenges and opportunities for democratizing future-fit skills.
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Right now, L&D teams are facing the challenge of finding out what skills are needed and how to engage employees in learning to keep them and the organization future-fit.  

The big question is - how do we build the future skills needed for jobs that don't yet exist?  

In episode 26 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, our host Craig Hamill is joined by Laura Overton and Shannon Tipton from the Emerging Stronger team for a discussion around the challenges and opportunities for democratizing future-fit skills.

They also introduce their latest eBook and toolkits which have been designed to provide L&D teams with the principles needed for success in our modern era. 

Check out some of our favourite highlights below. 

Becoming future-fit for work in an unknown future 

We know change is coming, but how do we get ready for a change? How do we get ready to be agile? How do we get ready to be equipped to respond to those changes as they come?

When looking at future-fit skills, we must be working towards building new skills and attitudes in the workplace to allow us to embrace the new of tomorrow. This is what the Emerging Stronger eBook is all about - and Shannon tells us more about it below. 

Ready to become future-fit? Download the eBook here.  

Using technology to become future-fit 

Laura addresses the elephant in the room - do we really need technology to become future-fit? How can we make a difference? 

With technology, the core skills that people are hungry for are within grasp. Using an example from the past, Laura explains how the role of technology has and will continue to play such a vital role in democratizing future-fit skills.  

This latest Learning with Go1 podcast episode is part one of our Future-fit series. In our next episode, we will be inviting Laura and Shannon back for part two, which will centre around the five principles for success in overcoming some of the biggest challenges in L&D right now.

Shannon gives us a little teaser about the five principles below. Stay tuned for next week's episode to learn more about these concepts. 

If you haven't already, you can listen to the full podcast here to learn more. 

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