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Webinar recap: Exploring the latest L&D trends with Go1 and ADP

A recap of our recent webinar with ADP discussing the trends in L&D; including the role of AI, skills development, and personalized learning.
Emily DiLaura, Sr Manager, Content Marketing Lead

Go1 and ADP came together for a live discussion on the significance of learning and development (L&D) in the workplace. The conversation delved into the role of AI in facilitating continuous learning, the value of skills enhancement, and the impact of easily accessible learning on L&D strategies. You can watch the recording of the webinar here.

The discussion highlighted the use of content aggregators to provide a diverse selection of learning materials, and the importance of making learning readily available and tailored to individual needs.

Emily DiLaura, Senior Manager and Content Marketing Lead at Go1, moderated the webinar and brought it some trends and data from Go1; and was accompanied by special guests from our partner company, ADP: Andrea Elkin, VP of Strategic Enablement for Enterprise Learning and Knowledge Management; Julie Shipley, Managing Director of Talent Practice; and Nicole Molino-Lewis, Principal Solution Consultant. 

ADP and Go1 partnership

Embracing a self-service approach to learning and creating personalized experiences is a necessity.

We’re moving towards a culture of self-service knowledge acquisition and personalized learning, and this approach empowers employees to take control of their professional development, directly providing the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. And let's be honest, most employees expect the same level of convenience and personalization in their learning at work as they do in the rest of their lives. Self-service learning platforms and customized learning pathways are how we meet those expectations, giving employees the resources they need, when they need them.

In the webinar, Andrea Elkin underscored the rising value of a "self-service knowledge acquisition culture" within organizations. This culture champions employees who are proactive in seeking and gaining knowledge autonomously. The benefits are two-fold: individual growth and a workforce that's both engaged and highly skilled. Andrea spoke about the importance of offering diverse learning methods to suit various learning styles and preferences, "I think everyone learns a little differently...what we're doing [at ADP] meets a broad spectrum of need."

The landscape of learning is changing, and it’s an exciting time to be part of it. With the rise of AI and the birth of content aggregators like Go1, there are more ways than ever to personalize learning. “I think our field is going to be in greater need because things will be possible in the future that were never possible,” Andrea shared on the future of L&D. Nicole Molino-Lewis added that systems like ADP with Go1 integrations, can customize content and offer analytics, making it easier for organizations to provide learning that meets their employees where they are and it more accessible, while sharing the necessary data with the L&D team behind the scenes.

Julie Shipley emphasized the need to seamlessly embed learning within the tools and platforms employees already navigate daily. This integration not only boosts engagement but also solidifies the knowledge gained. As Andrea mused, "How do you bring some of that into your flow of work? If it's living in Salesforce, can you access the learning through the Salesforce search?"


Identifying key skills and investing in development is paramount to organizational success.

When we tie our skill-building efforts to the big picture of where our organization is headed, we're making sure our training is right on target. The panel highlighted the significance of identifying key skills, or, as Andrea calls them, "power skills" that are critical to the success of an organization and investing in their development among employees.

Andrea further explained that these skills vary across different roles and stages of career progression, and learning programs should be designed accordingly. She noted that organizations need "to be able to deliver on the skills that we know are valued at the organization."

Investing in the growth of essential skills doesn't just make for more capable employees; it helps build a team that's resilient and ready to take on whatever comes its way. When employees are equipped with the right skills, they can tackle challenges, welcome new technology with open arms, and spark innovation. And that's the kind of spirit that propels an organization forward, making it more competitive and successful in the long run. This was a message that Julie expressed on the importance of aligning these power skills with the business objectives of the organization.

“We have never been able to feed the beast of learning in an organization. People want to learn. People want to know and be better at what they're doing naturally, but we've never had the full ability or capacity to deliver it.

AI's support in continuous learning and development.

Of course, the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its rising role in learning came up. The panelists acknowledged the growing role of AI in enabling continuous learning and development. Andrea mentioned using generative AI in automating certain aspects of learning content creation, making it easier for learning professionals to deliver personalized, relevant content to employees. "We are using it already at ADP to do some incredible things, like we can take product documentation out as we're changing products, use the documentation to write learning scripts."

AI and LLMs have greatly improved the accessibility and findability of learning resources, making it easier for employees to find the information they need. Andrea mentioned that AI can be used to bring the LMS to the place where employees are already working, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of learning.

AI is our ally in crafting individualized learning journeys for each team member. By sifting through performance data, AI can pinpoint where someone might be hitting a snag and suggest resources to help them grow. It's like having a personal coach, guiding you through a play that's custom-tailored to an employee's aspirations and the areas they're most passionate about in their role.

But AI isn't just a behind-the-scenes tool; imagine AI-powered simulations and interactive games that offer employees a hands-on experience on mastering new skills and concepts. These aren't one-size-fits-all. They're tailored to specific job roles and scenarios. As AI continues to advance, it'll become an even more powerful ally in development.

Content aggregators provide libraries of diverse learning resources, making it easier for L&D teams to deliver personalized training.

Content aggregators are like the personal shoppers of the learning world, helping L&Ds and TDs build robust training programs at scale. As Julie pointed out, content aggregators are a game-changer for learning professionals, making the delivery of training smoother and the learning journey more engaging for employees.

Functioning like a robust learning and development search engine, type in a topic or pain point and you can find readings, videos, podcasts, interactive modules, you name it. This diversity in content is perfect for all kinds of employees, making it more likely that your team will find something that really clicks. And because the aggregators often team up with big-name content providers and experts, you can trust that the content is top-notch.

Go1 also allows for the creation of personalized learning paths, which means that as a learning and development professional, you can create training programs that are tailored to specific roles, career goals, and skill gaps. This personalized approach makes training more effective by focusing on the areas where employees need the most support. Employees can then follow these curated learning journeys, which helps to ensure a more structured and efficient learning experience.

L&D teams will quickly find that one of the best parts of a content aggregator is that they integrate into your existing HR and learning management systems (LMS). Go1 integrates directly into ADP, as Nicole showed us in the webinar. This means the management of training is centralized, along with data and analytics on programs, and removes the need for any manual data entry or curation between platforms. Plus, employees can enjoy a seamless learning experience, no matter which platform they're using.


This webinar brought so much knowledge into one virtual room, with so many great takeaways on learning, trends, accessibility, AI, and content aggregators, but one piece of advice really stood out from everything.

Andrea reminded us all of what she often tells her teams with building out learning for teams and the endless requests that come in, "focus on progress, not perfection with this." A reminder that learning and development is a continuous process and it's important to celebrate the progress and growth that comes with it, rather than striving for perfection or meeting every need. It highlights the importance of being open to change and adapting as the world of learning constantly evolves. This webinar not only provided valuable insights, but also sparked a sense of motivation and inspiration to continue learning and improving.

Thank you to ADP for taking the time to speak with our audience and providing such valuable insight to L&D professionals globally. Be sure to catch the full recording here.

To learn more about our partnership with ADP or on how you can utilize a content aggregator in your LMS, book a demo today to find out how Go1 can help with your team’s learning needs. 

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