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In the ever-changing world of web design and development, it can be difficult to constantly keep up with the newest programs and develop your skills. Are you finding it hard to find all the training materials you need all in one place? At Go1 we bring together top courses from a variety of global providers to provide a convenient and affordable solution for all your web design and development needs.
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Web design courses

For many of your clients and customers, their first exposure to you and your brand is through your website. As a result, it works in the same way it would if they were meeting a salesperson - and that means first impressions count.

As a result, your website needs to be the best it can possibly be. With technology moving at such a fast rate, and new processes, products, and tools being developed almost weekly, it’s vital that web designers at your business are kept up to date with all the latest industry trends.

To ensure that, regular web design training is critical. Courses on web design aren’t just reserved for newcomers to the industry, but also existing professionals who want to remain at the top of their game.

What is a web design course?

Put simply a web design course is a course that is taken, either in person or online, that teaches students web design. A course may focus on the fundamentals, which is a perfect introduction for those looking to start a career in web design, or may focus on certain areas or advanced topics for those looking to develop and upskill.

When taken online, web design education and training is completely self-directed, so it doesn’t interfere with employees’ daily responsibilities. Not only does it benefit employees by teaching them new skills, but also your business - which in turn benefits your clients too.

How do web design courses help professional web designers?

In such a fast-paced industry, businesses and web designers can’t afford for the learning to stop. What may have been the latest information yesterday may not be the case today.

Without the latest training, knowledge, and skills, it’s impossible for a business to expect its web designers to deliver the very best results. Web designers are known for wanting to push boundaries and experiment - but how can they be expected to do that and elevate your website in the process without the appropriate training?

Web designers can improve their skills and knowledge with regular training opportunities. However, with time against them and deadlines always around the corner, what options do businesses and employees have?

Online web design courses provide your business with the opportunity to train employees. E-learning is not just an inexpensive option, it also means employees can learn in their own time, as and when it suits them.

7 benefits web design courses have to your business

While encouraging your web designers to learn new skills and develop their careers, there are also plenty of benefits to your business too.

  1. Retain and attract the best talent

When employees are given the opportunity to progress they feel much more confident and valued. As a result, employees are far more likely to stay within the organization, and you’ll attract the best talent when the time comes to recruit.

  1. Perfect your website

Your website is never finished, but by having fully trained web designers you can make it as close to complete as possible. Your website is your portal to the world, and an attractive, fully-functional website sets the best impression.

A website that users can easily navigate through is key. Customers are often time-poor, so aren’t willing to work in order to find their way around your site.

  1. Helps with SEO

Search engine optimization is critical to your business, and by not following best practices you’re going to lose customers to your competitors. It’s not just content that affects SEO, but web design, too. The best courses in web design don’t overlook this important topic.

  1. Helps build trust in your brand

A good website helps build trust with your audience and how that audience connects to your brand. Without trust, customers aren’t going to spend money with you.

  1. Outpace the competition

You don’t want to fall behind your competitors, who are undoubtedly investing in their web design team. If your website lacks what the competition has, you’re likely to lose customers - and fast.

  1. Improve website responsiveness and speed

An all-singing-all-dancing website means nothing if the site is unresponsive and sluggish. Plus, with people browsing the web on mobile devices now more than ever, ensuring your site can be viewed on any device means you won’t lose leads.

  1. Correctly utilize good copy and visuals

Copy and visuals are more important than simply looking and sounding good. If used correctly, copy and visuals will increase engagement.

Each of these goes together to ensure your website is as strong as it can be, and each is covered in courses in web design.

How to become a web designer

If an employee within your business is new to the industry and looking for information on how to become a web designer, web design courses for beginners provide the perfect introduction.

Once students have learned the basics, they should start to build a portfolio of work by designing websites of their own and working on other small-scale projects. Once they have a body of work and have put their skills into practice, they then put themselves in the best position possible to grow a career as a web designer.

Employees can only learn so much from free training modules and tutorials - in order to receive the best web designer education and training, an online course is the most accessible and affordable starting point.

What is the best course for web design?

The best web design course depends on your employees' existing level of knowledge and experience. Online web design training can cover a wide range of fundamentals, or it can focus on a specific topic at an advanced level.

What’s the best web design course for beginners

The best way to learn how to be a web designer is by taking web designing courses for beginners. Courses teach students the basics, but can also be useful refresher training for those looking to remind themselves of best practices.

Great online courses for beginners include:

How to become a web designer fast

One of the major advantages of e-learning is that students can learn as and when it suits them. That means, if students are looking for a web design crash course, they can work through the course materials quickly as it’s all provided instantly.

Online web design training courses can be picked up in and around other responsibilities, meaning they don’t require hours of attention at a time if students are busy. They’re completely self-directed, meaning there’s no stress involved for students worrying about how they’re going to find the time to study.

What are the best web design courses for professionals?

For professional web designers, it’s imperative that the learning doesn’t stop, and they always have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Some of the best courses for existing web designers to refresh and upskill include:

Web design and web development courses

Those who are interested in web design will find that web development courses will also be of use - particularly the basics, which are covered in an introduction to web development.

Similarly, web designers and developers will also find it useful to have knowledge related to UX design. Check out our post on the top 5 online courses for UX designers.

Discover the best online web design courses

For more information on the best online web design courses, check out Go1 and book a demo today.

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