Time Management

Having good time management is essential for maintaining balance at work, increasing productivity and achieving your goals. Many people struggle with this and lack the knowledge on how to become more efficient in order to get the most out of their day. At Go1, our online training library has a wide range of time management courses to help you easily learn how to manage and optimise your time..
Time management courses

Meeting deadlines is crucial for any organization. By not meeting deadlines you lose the trust of your clients, customers, and in some cases your vendors. The key to meeting deadlines is simple: effective time management. And one way to ensure this happens is by enrolling your employees in online time management courses...'..

What is time management and why is it important?

Time management is the process of carefully planning your time to make sure your deadlines are met. This involves strategizing to find ways to work effectively and efficiently, and setting realistic, but ambitious goals.

If your teams lack good time management then there are impacts beyond missing deadlines, including:

  • Unnecessary stress
  • Longer working hours
  • Poor quality of work
  • Damage to your business’s reputation

Without organization and time management training teams who consistently fall behind are never going to improve.

How does effective time management benefit your business?

There are plenty of benefits to effective time management beyond delivering work on time. By encouraging employees to learn through time management courses the benefits to your business include:

An improved ability to meet deadlines

Of course, the biggest advantage to your business is that effective time management allows your teams to deliver work on time. By consistently meeting deadlines you build trust with your clients, customers and vendors.

Improved quality of work

When teams aren’t struggling for time or under unnecessary pressure their productivity improves, and this means they’re able to improve the quality of the work they deliver.

Reduces wasted budget

By ensuring deadlines aren’t missed, projects have less chance of going over budget.

Reduces procrastination

When employees have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and what their deadlines are it reduces downtime and procrastination.

Improves business culture and employee retention

When employees are equipped to manage their time it creates a more relaxed culture where they don’t feel overworked. This in turn helps with employee retention and will help attract the best talent when you’re recruiting.

Benefits to your employees

By offering time management training, there are plenty of benefits for your employees, too.

Reduces stress

With proper planning and time management, employees will be able to manage their workload more effectively, which in turn reduces stress. And with less stress comes more confidence and the ability to deliver the best work possible.

Improves work-life balance

It’s important for employees to have a solid work-life balance, as exhausted and burnt-out employees won’t deliver their best work. Having a work-life balance ensures employees can rest and recharge, and managers who respect this help them to feel valued.

Improves focus

With strong time management, teams have a clear idea as to their goals and how they’re going to get there, which improves their focus and productivity.

What are the 7 time management skills?

There are seven skills employees need in order to have solid time management. These are:

  1. Prioritization - understanding what tasks take priority - and why - is crucial
  2. Establishing the right conditions - everyone works differently, and a part of time management is working in the right environment to allow employees to be their most productive
  3. Time blocking - the process of allocating time to specific tasks
  4. Controlling communications - always being on-call can be distracting, especially with remote working, so limiting distractions is important
  5. Being aware of how time is used - this allows employees to see how they’re using time and how they could improve
  6. Being time-protective - employees need to value their time and learn when it’s appropriate to say no
  7. Know when to take breaks - knowing when to take breaks is important, as it provides an opportunity to recharge, and prevents burnout

The best time management training courses will provide your employees with everything they need in order for them to utilize these skills.

How do you teach time management to employees?

Without the right materials, time management can be a difficult skill to teach. If you run internal workshops on the practices that work for senior members of your team, some of those skills may be useful for employees. However, what works for one employee will likely not work for another.

The most effective way of teaching employees time management is by enrolling them in an online course.

What are time management courses?

A time management course teaches employees how to find the methods that work for them, and use a range of teaching methods that enable students to absorb and retain what they learn.

Online courses are completely self-directed, which means employees can learn while not letting it impact their daily responsibilities.

Time management training topics include:

  • How to value time
  • How to prioritize
  • How to set time
  • How to manage distractions
  • Perfectionism
  • Delegation
  • Setting realistic goals
  • How to focus
  • Self-motivation

Are time management courses worth it?

Yes, time management training teaches employees how to effectively use their time and strategize in order to make the most out of their day. When employees use their time well, they’re able to work productively and proactively and ensure quality work is delivered on time.

What are some of the best time management courses?

Both seasoned professionals and those just starting out their careers will need help with time management. Without regular training employees can pick up bad habits, and time management training for both managers and junior employees will help.

Some of the best time management courses include:

For those struggling for time, short time management courses (to help them find more time) include:

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