Technology Skills

Technology skills are more important than ever. Equip your staff with the knowledge they need to bring your business into the future. Go1 offers technology skills training courses from the world's leading providers, covering a range of programming languages, software, data and analytics, DevOps, networking, security and much more..
Featured courses
Microsoft Excel 2019 Beginners
Simon Sez IT
7 hrs 30 mins
Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic
1 hr 30 mins
Microsoft Word 2019 Beginners Course
Simon Sez IT
7 hrs 45 mins
Cyber Security Awareness
Sonic Performance Support
1 hr 20 mins
Excel 2019 Beginner
5 hrs 29 mins
Mastering Data Analysis
Learnit Anytime
51 mins
Word 2019 Advanced
5 hrs 52 mins
Microsoft 365 - Basics
1 hr 20 mins