Personal Transformation
Personal transformation, also known as self-transformation, is a journey that is incredibly personal to each and every employee at your organization. Supporting the personal transformation of your employees helps them to develop and become more productive and establishes you as an employer that values its people.
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Personal Transformation

What is personal transformation?

Personal transformation is the journey taken by your employees to make positive changes to their habits, mindset, skills, knowledge, and objectives, to improve their personal and professional lives. It encourages employees to take ownership of their beliefs, behaviors, and goals to see where they can improve and what they can do to help make that happen. This helps them become more productive and efficient so they can achieve their goals and be more fulfilled.

Personal transformation isn’t a short process. It requires dedication, a willingness to learn, and for employees to be open to addressing areas they want to improve. It can involve employees having to step out of their comfort zones and question the way they work, and be prepared to adopt new processes, habits, ways of thinking, and even beliefs.

Over time, with persistence and engagement, personal transformation will have a huge impact on employees' lives, both personally and in the workplace. With a constantly developing workforce, you’ll have happier, more productive, and more fulfilled people producing better results for your clients and customers.

How does personal transformation work?

Personal transformation helps your employees to become more self-aware and look at themselves objectively to see how, where, and why they can grow. It takes the personal development strategy that many businesses already have in place and takes it one step further by encouraging employees to develop many aspects of their lives.

The first step is for employees to address their strengths, weaknesses, and personal and professional goals. This goes beyond the usual one-to-one or workplace performance review they may be used to, as a key part is seeing how these align with their beliefs, emotions, routines, habits, and thoughts. This is because there may be more to an employee's growth being held back by a missing skillset, and instead could be caused by a particular feeling or thought that they don’t necessarily realize they have to overcome.

The next stage is to identify what is causing those thoughts and feelings through self-reflection. By doing this employees can explore why they feel how they feel, do what they do, and believe what they believe. Having an understanding of the whys will put them in the mindset to start making positive changes.

Once they’ve adopted this mindset, employees can start taking action to improve their skills, knowledge, habits, and behaviors, so they’re better equipped to achieve their goals. This may involve just a few changes to their lives or many. Examples of changes employees may seek to make include:

  • Learning new hard or soft skills
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Spending more time with friends and family
  • More physical exercise
  • Engaging more in hobbies
  • Focusing on a work-life balance

When employees make these positive changes they feel more fulfilled, which means they become more efficient and productive in the workplace.

While personal transformation is something that is predominantly driven by your employees themselves, it’s something that your organization can and should support, and doesn’t require many additional resources. Your business likely already has a personal development or monthly/quarterly/annual review process in place, and personal transformation can be incorporated into this process.

How does personal transformation benefit your employees?

When your staff develops the skills, knowledge, habits, and mindset they need to develop and achieve their goals, they become all-around better employees. From having increased confidence to a more engaged and positive attitude, these changes help them to become more productive and motivated. This ensures they’re in a better position to achieve their goals and contribute towards the goals of your organization, as well as progress their careers.

By becoming more self-aware and growing their emotional intelligence, your employees will improve their teamwork and offer your customers a better, more personable experience.

Each of these increases job satisfaction, leading to a happier, healthier workforce.

How does it benefit your business?

As part of personal transformation, your employees will likely want and need to develop their hard and soft skills. Learning specific new skills to help them in their roles will improve their productivity, and allow your business to expand its offerings. Developing soft skills such as communication, organization, and teamwork will also benefit your business as a whole.

Helping your employees with their personal transformation journey will establish your business as an employer that values its employees. When employees feel valued it boosts morale, which can decrease absenteeism and turnover. This prevents the need for expensive and time-consuming recruitment processes and attracts and retains the top talent in your industry.

Can you learn about personal transformation online?

eLearning is a flexible and convenient way for your employees to learn more about personal transformation. Online courses can help employees with their own personal transformation journey, as well as provide the courses they need to develop their hard and soft skills.

eLearning courses are self-directed, so employees access training materials whenever they have the capacity. Not only does this mean training doesn’t have to interfere with employees’ daily responsibilities, but it doesn’t add unnecessary stress or pressure, which increases their engagement.

Because online training materials have already been produced, they can be accessed instantly using any device. As a result, it’s a convenient, affordable, and easily scalable solution to offering training to your entire workforce.

What are the best courses for personal transformation?

There are plenty of great online personal transformation courses available so your employees can begin their journey. Some of the best include:

As well as courses that relate specifically to personal transformation, many courses are available to help develop specific skills, including communication, organization, and teamwork.

Learn about personal transformation with Go1

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