Microsoft Products
Worldwide, more than a million businesses use Microsoft Office Suite products. Its most popular software, such as Word and Excel, are recognizable to anyone who has ever turned on a computer. In fact, Excel alone is used by more than half of all businesses worldwide. This reliance on Microsoft products means it’s crucial that your employees are skilled, knowledgeable, and confident when it comes to using these highly functional programs.
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Microsoft Products

What are the most commonly used Microsoft products by businesses?

Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 provide some of the most commonly used programs by businesses across the world. From tasks including spreadsheets, reporting, presentations, email, video conferencing, and writing, Microsoft dominates almost every office.

Some of the most commonly used Microsoft products include:

  • Microsoft Excel - one of the most versatile spreadsheet applications available, which is easy to use but exceptionally difficult to master. However, its range of features makes it a fantastic tool in all manner of ways.
  • Microsoft Word - used to create written documents with a wide range of functionality, meaning you can produce everything from ebooks to forms and everything in between.
  • Microsoft Teams - a video conferencing platform.
  • Microsoft Outlook - a highly customizable email application.
  • Microsoft OneNote - used for creating, organizing, and collaborating on notes.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint - a great way to put together engaging presentations and pitches.
  • Microsoft Publisher - used for putting together visual documents such as cards, letterheads, newsletters, and graphs.
  • Microsoft SharePoint - Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration platform.
  • Microsoft Visio - used to create visualizations such as graphs and charts.

Chances are your business uses some of these programs, if not most of them. If you do, then your business is no different from more than a million others. That’s why Microsoft training is so important and allows you to get the most out of these highly-versatile tools.

Can you train employees to use Microsoft products?

While many of your employees have likely been using Microsoft products for many years - perhaps even throughout their entire lives - chances are very few are getting the most out of the high level of features and functionality. Providing your employees with training will ensure they get the most out of each program and can work efficiently and confidently.

The benefits of Microsoft products training

Training your employees to be more confident in using Microsoft products to their fullest potential has plenty of benefits for both your employees and your business as a whole.

Benefits to your business include:

  • An increased level of efficiency
  • More collaboration
  • Stronger communication
  • Fewer errors
  • More streamlined processes
  • More automation

Each of these helps your business to bring in more revenue or cut unnecessary costs, which increases your profits.

Benefits to your employees include:

  • The ability to achieve more with versatile software
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater morale
  • Less downtime
  • More job satisfaction
  • Save time and unnecessary effort
  • Decrease stress

Using online courses to learn Microsoft products

Many employees will have been using Microsoft products for years, either through work or study. That means most will have experience putting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations together. However, having a basic understanding of these products doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting the most out of them. In fact, they have such a high level of functionality that there will undoubtedly be features they’re not using that will increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

That’s why online Microsoft training courses are a great opportunity for your employees and your business. eLearning courses use a variety of teaching methods which means employees can retain what they learn and put it into practice.

Online courses are also self-directed, which means they don’t interfere with employees’ day-to-day responsibilities. Learning materials can be accessed as and when employees have the time to learn, which prevents unnecessary stress and increases engagement.

Because eLearning courses have already been produced, they’re cost-effective and easily scalable, meaning you can provide training to a handful of employees or your entire workforce.

What are the best online courses for learning Microsoft products?

Whether your employees are looking to learn more about Word, Excel, or any other software, there’s a wide range of Microsoft Office Suite training courses available. Some of the best online courses include:

Microsoft 365 training

Microsoft Word training

Microsoft Excel training

Microsoft Outlook training

Microsoft Teams training

Microsoft Powerpoint training

Microsoft Publisher training

Microsoft SharePoint training

Microsoft Visio training

Microsoft OneNote training

Improve the skills and confidence of your employees with eLearning

Microsoft Office training courses help your employees improve their knowledge, skills, and confidence. At Go1, we have a range of courses that can be accessed instantly. For more info on how Go1 can support your organization’s learning and development strategy, book a demo with a member of our team today.

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