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The housing and real estate sector is demanding and can be difficult to understand and keep up with. What steps are you taking to stay up to date with things such as government regulation changes and client demands? At Go1, we have a curated selection of housing and real estate training materials to help you navigate industry demands and expand your skill set.
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Working in real estate can be a challenging but highly rewarding industry. It requires enthusiasm and commitment, as well as long hours to ensure deals are made and buyers and sellers are happy.

Because of this, refresher real estate training is often pushed aside. This means realtors risk not receiving the most up-to-date industry knowledge and skills, which can hurt the performance of your business.

However, online realtor courses ensure your business and your employees receive regular training from top industry experts to keep them at the top of their game.

What are real estate courses?

Real estate courses are courses prepared by industry experts that provide students with the latest knowledge and skills, so they can remain among the best talent in the industry.

Course levels range from training for new real estate agents, to those for seasoned professionals interested in refreshing their knowledge or learning new skills.

Courses in real estate cover a variety of topics, including appraisals, economics, property management, negotiation skills, sales, and finance.

Can you take a real estate course online?

Online real estate courses are the ideal solution for busy professionals and those starting their careers. Online courses are completely self-directed, which means students don’t need to take time away from busy schedules to learn.

Learning is done during periods of downtime, or in short bursts when time becomes available, such as during canceled viewings or if clients are running late.

By taking online courses, you ensure that all employees learn from the same course material at a time that suits them.

Online courses also have the added benefit of being far more affordable than in-person courses or events, and the course materials are provided to students instantly.

Why is real estate training important?

Without frequent real estate education, realtors risk developing bad habits or missing out on the latest industry knowledge and trends. Other reasons why training is so important include:

Upskill existing team members

Recruitment can be time-consuming and expensive - as well as stressful and risky. By upskilling existing members of your team, you bypass the painful recruitment process and help retain top talent. Plus, by providing your team with training opportunities you give them greater job satisfaction.

Don’t fall behind competitors

You can be sure that your competitors are providing training to their employees. That means if you don’t, you risk falling behind and not equipping your staff with the latest industry skills and knowledge.

Increase motivation and productivity

When employees have everything they need to provide a great service it improves motivation. With improved motivation comes better productivity and better quality of work. From that, comes happier clients.

Build better relationships

Realtor-specific training is great, but training in other areas can vastly improve how your people develop relationships with clients. Communication and customer service training provides even experienced realtors with new skills they can use daily to improve how they interact with clients.

Grow your business

When your team delivers consistently great work you’re going to get positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. From that, your business will continue to grow and ultimately make more money.

Do professional realtors need to take online courses?

Training for real estate agents isn’t limited to those new to the industry and looking to start a career in real estate. Even the most experienced professionals will still benefit from training.

We’ve already highlighted how communication and customer service training can help develop skills, including empathy, active listening, and problem-solving - all crucial skills for a realtor to have. However, the real estate industry is fast-moving, with changes happening on a seemingly weekly basis. Because of that, realtors should ensure they have all the latest industry knowledge.

What are the benefits of professional realtors taking online courses?

There are plenty of benefits to professionals taking a real estate course online:


E-learning platforms such as Go1 can be accessed from anywhere and via a range of devices, so learning can be done in the office or on the go when they have some time to spare.

The range of topics

Existing realtors won’t need to take a course in the fundamentals, but there may be specific topics they would benefit from learning more about. Online training covers a wide variety of topics, including more advanced topics such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), or Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS).

Develop their career

Realtors give themselves the best chance at developing their careers by learning as much as they can. Experience goes a long way, but e-learning gives employees the tools they need to go out and get that experience.

What classes do you need to take to become a real estate agent?

To become a qualified realtor, courses and exams must be completed at a local, accredited real estate school. These courses can be taken online or in-person, and depending on state, can take between 63 and 180 hours. You also have to be at least 18 or 19 years old (this varies by state).

You can take real estate training courses online at any time, either at the start of your career or at any point thereafter. 

What are the best online real estate courses?

There’s a huge variety of real estate courses online, and with Go1, we offer courses from the basics through to more advanced topics for existing realtors.

We’ve highlighted how communication and customer service skills are vital, but other useful courses include negotiating skills, time management skills, and integrity.

What are the best courses for new realtors?

Those starting their careers in real estate - as well as realtors looking for a refresh - will want to cover the fundamentals and choose beginner or intermediate courses. Great new real estate agent training courses include:

What are the best courses for professional realtors?

Existing realtors will want to upskill and develop by taking more advanced courses for real estate, including:

For more information check out our list of top courses all real estate agents should complete.

Ready to take real estate courses?

Looking to take real estate classes online, or offer training to your team? Go1 has a range of real estate courses available, book a demo today to find out more.

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