Collaborative Learning


Collaborative Learning

EdMill is French leading LCMS. It is a commercial off-the-shelf platform with a primary focus on the Quality of e-learning courses. Learners shall enjoy their training.

Learners shall complete 100% their courses. e-learning courses must be effective in learning and acquiring skills. EdMill empowers companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth.

To achieve this, EdMill relies on the first digital learning methodology certified in France by its parent company, my-Serious-Game. This integration provides EdMill admin users with seamless access to the Go1 Content Hub, making it easy to find and deliver top quality ready-to-use training content. By combining high-quality training content created by in-house experts with GO1's best-of-breed off-the-shelf content, EdMill customers can address any e-learning need!

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.