World of Learning Webinar

Thu 17th Nov 2022
Hear all about our time at the World of Learning Webinar and about empowering busy managers to drive learning impact.
Natalie McDonnell, Marketing Manager

Enabling busy managers: the 3 steps to drive learning impact – GO1 

‘Managers don’t make time for learning’ is the number 1 barrier to L&D progress in 2022. Despite L&D investment in new programmes, platforms, and content, supporting learning in the heart of the workplace is the key to delivering business impact. And it’s by engaging and enabling line managers in the first instance, you will then see an increase in bottom line success.

Speaker Session

James Frappell, Customer Success Director – Go1 and Laura Overton, Co-Founder – Emerging Stronger explored how high performing learning teams are enabling busy line managers to support learning back in the workplace. 


James Frappell, Customer Success Director, Go1


Laura Overton, Co-founder, Emerging Stronger

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