Translating psychological safety for learning and development

Webinar: Translating psychological safety for L&D

Wed 26th Jun 2024
Did you miss the live webinar? Watch the recording here!

After multiple presentations at ATD, Kelli Frey, CPTD, joins us to help TD, L&D, and HR leaders navigate the concept of psychological safety and how to tactically adapt the heavy research to L&D contexts. Through discussion and practical examples, leaders will learn how to model vulnerability, encourage open dialogue, and identify signs of insufficient psychological safety.

Translating psychological safety for learning and development

You'll learn how to:
  1. Recognize how cultural differences influence psychological safety and learn to read non-verbal cues as indicators of the safety level
  2. Build strategies to promote vulnerability and open communication among team members
  3. Uncover practical methods for enhancing psychological safety in your organization, including how to handle anonymity and audience awareness
  4. Learn to identify and address signs of a psychologically unsafe environment to ensure continuous improvement

Watch the full webinar to learn how to market a program to people managers, incorporate learning in the flow of work, and keep your learning strategy relevant for the future. 


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