Future Skills: 3 Key Attributes to Driving Learner Engagement

Mon 14th Feb 2022
An engaged workforce underpins a positive company culture, and an environment for people to perform at their best. It is the holy grail of business growth and development. But how do you really drive engagement?  It starts with you, the L&D leaders. 
Natalie McDonnell, Marketing Manager

We welcomed participants to the first webinar of our new Love of Learning series.  

On Monday 14th February, we heard from our resident expert, Craig Hamill, Customer Success Manager – who has over 20 years experience in L&D and HR, and Merrissa Pires, Global Head of Learning & Development at Reckitt. They discussed their own experiences in L&D, and how they have developed their own skill set to drive change and improve learner engagement.  

Craig and Merrissa spoke about:  

  • The common challenges learning professionals face  
  • The 3 attributes you need to drive learner engagement  
  • What does success look like and how do you get there?  

About the speakers


Merrissa Pires is the Global Head of Learning & Development at RB with over 15 years of experience in communications and human resources.


Craig Hamill is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Go1 with over 18 years experience in the L&D industry.

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