How to Build Flexible Learning Pathways

Tue 8th Jun 2021
Watch this webinar to gain ideas on how to improve learners’ experience and build learner motivation through the creation and delivery of more flexible, personalized learning paths. 
Stephanie Vitasovich, Global Events Manager

June 8, 2021 | 10:00 AM PT/1:00PM ET

Regardless of the type of training program you are designing, learning should be a personal venture. Having people share in the creation of Flexible Learning Paths is a step toward giving people ownership of their own learning journey.  

To build learner motivation, and support curious minds, a learning path should not be just a simple learning journey but be flexible to the very people on the road who want to discover and explore. One aspect of L&D is to help support people achieve learning outcomes and identify how people will receive content and assessments. However, modern learning today demands we provide people with a direct say in their learning process, rather than telling them how, what, and when they are going to learn. 

Watch this webinar to:

  1. See the difference between a learning journey and a personalized learning path 
  2. Gain ideas to support different approaches that allow people to build their own flexible learning paths 
  3. Leave with examples of how personalized learning paths can work for your organization 

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About the host


Shannon Tipton, Owner of Learning Rebels  

As Owner of Learning Rebels, Shannon Tipton is a skilled learning strategist with over 20 years of leadership experience developing successful infrastructures for training departments across North America and Europe.  

Shannon is excited to work with organizations to develop learning solutions to achieve applicable business results. Recognized as bringing real-world expertise into the learning field, Shannon integrates learning technologies to strengthen workplace alignment, enhance collaboration and increase learning connectivity.   

As author of “Disruptive Learning” Shannon frequently speaks at conferences across North America and Europe. Recently named in the top 100 elearning “Movers and Shakers” by eLearning Industry, Shannon’s blog “Learning Rebels” is in the top 100 elearning blogs and can be found at learningrebels.com. 

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