How to Build Business Buy-ins and Succeed in L&D

Tue 22nd Feb 2022
L&D professionals have incredible potential to add business value back to their organisations. However, L&D is typically more comfortable describing their value in terms of learning outputs rather than business outputs.   
Natalie McDonnell, Marketing Manager

Focusing on adding business value is the first secret to your success in L&D, especially if you want to build better business partnerships and buy-in.  

On Tuesday 22nd February at 1pm, James Frapell, Customer Success Director at Go1, was in conversation with Andrew Bardsley,  Senior Talent Development Partner at Modulr.  They shared practical advice on how to demonstrate your business value.

Discussion points:  

  1. Learning Value vs Business Value - what's the difference and why does it matter?   
  2. What common challenges do L&D professionals face when speaking with business leaders and how can they overcome them?   
  3. Practical tips to help you shift the conversation away from talking about learning value and towards talking about business value.  

Missed the webinar? Catch up on the recording below:

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Meet our speakers

James Frappell - Customer Success Director, Go1 


Andrew Bardsley - Senior Talent Development Partner, Modulr  



 Moderated by Michael Strawbridge, Global Head of Community, The LPI  

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