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Gaining Insight Into Your REACH Profile - How Do We Put The 'Human' Back Into Remote Work?

April 30, 2020 ・ 12:00 AM
Mikaela Gladden

We’ve all begun to settle into a new normal. Leaders are now re-thinking their approach to management to maintain business as usual. But what does this mean for you?

In this webinar, we spoke with Professional Development Training (PDT) - experts in understanding how different people and teams respond to challenges and workplace training. 

Using the REACH profile, you can learn how to support your employees based on their specific needs so they remain in a positive state of mind, and engaged in their work.

Watch the webinar recording below:

In this webinar, GO1’s Social Impact Manager Cam Cliff is joined by PD Training CEO Paul Findlay to discuss how different people respond to isolation from their team, and how you can thrive and stay engaged in the new world of work.

They covered:

  • insights into communicating & managing remote teams 
  • how to be mindful, proactive and purposeful in working with teammates 
  • how to effectively engage and support people based on their different personalities and social needs
  • and much more

Catch-up on the recording here

We'd like to thank Paul and all of our attendees for joining us in this interesting conversation. We hope to see you in our next webinar!

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