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Introducing Packt - bringing you the latest training in AI, web development and emerging technology

Kerrie-Anne Chinn
Sep 11, 2019

At GO1, we partner with the world’s top training providers, to bring you the best training content available. 

Today, we want to introduce you to Packt - an exciting global content provider in the web development and emerging technology space.

Through our partnership with Packt, GO1 Premium customers will now have access to the very latest AI, machine learning, data science and web development online courses.

Learn more about the GO1 x Packt partnership

Packt’s content is developed for IT professionals, web developers, students and IT hobbyists who are looking to upskill or re-skill.

The great thing about Packt’s developer content is that it has been designed to be very hands on, as opposed to theory based. The focus is on ‘learning by doing’ so each time you finish the course, you’ll have something to show at the end of it, meaning you’ll be really getting something out of the training!

You can also be sure that you’re getting the very latest content, as Packt’s training materials are continually updated.

Packt already have over 100 online courses in GO1 Premium, with another 150 courses in development. 

Get started with Packt’s training content here! 

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