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Pernod Ricard South Africa chooses Go1 learning platform to upskill sales capabilities in both South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa markets

Dom Murray, Content Writer

The company

Pernod Ricard is one of the world’s largest producers of alcoholic beverages. Think Perrier-Jouet champagne, Jameson Irish whiskey and Absolut Vodka.

Pernod Ricard South Africa is a key affiliate of Pernod Ricard’s global sales operations.

We spoke to Prudence Mdaka, Capability Coordinator at Pernod Ricard South Africa, whose team is responsible for accelerating sales growth across the country and their Sub-Saharan Africa markets by developing and upskilling sales teams with in-house created content.

The challenge

To drive department growth, one of Prudence’s roles is to build interactive learning modules for 260 people across Sub-Saharan Africa. She is required to report back on key engagement metrics to all Commercial teams and all affiliates' Managing Directors.

Since 2017, Prudence had been trying to do this with self-created content on a platform that just didn’t have the capabilities to deliver, track, and report effectively.

Finding course completion percentages, enrolment data, and progress information was a huge blocker to developing Pernod Ricard’s 260 learners in sub-Saharan Africa.

This created a focus to reconsider how this could be done within Pernod Ricard. Additionally, South Africa wanted to use a separate system to the one HQ in Paris was using, because they wanted more reporting features than the global solution.

They had a number of key requirements:

  • More confidence in the accuracy of the data on the system
  • Self-run and more ownership for the region
  • Easy to use for admins and users
  • Low implementation cost
  • Ability to upload corporate training easily

The solution

Prudence looked at four or five options and decided Go1 was the only solution that allowed her to see a large improvement in tracking, reporting, and ease of use.

Go1 would allow Prudence to save time by exporting reports that fit with how the business wanted her to report on progress. Prudence could now report by affiliate and by learner for the entire continent of Africa.

An LMS without the flexibility to report the way the business needed would have been pointless.

To show progress in Africa of skill development, the KPIs of 260 Sales Representatives were reported.

  • Looked at 4 or 5 solutions before choosing Go1 as the ideal solution
  • The export format fits in with PR reporting structure
  • LMS without the flexibility to report the way the business required was pointless
  • The solution needed to show the skill development of 100 users in SA, 260 globally
  • Even better when assigned to CSM, proactive support to guide features that were important to driving the project forward.

The results

Adoption is an important measure of success for software solutions. 

To help users understand what was expected of them and how to use the platform, Prudence put together a handy how-to guide.

In addition to this, Prudence felt that the support from Go1’s Customer Success Manager, as well as from Go1’s 24/7 chat support team, helped her overcome any potential obstacles.

  • 95% course completion rate in the last 3 months
  • Improvement in the detail of reporting required by Pernod Ricard leadership
  • Ability to report quickly because lots of data is available
  • CSM has been instrumental in supporting admin understanding of features
  • Allowed training of COVID contingency to be shared quickly to the entire user base, with tracking of completions.

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