From sporadic to ever-evolving, see how Mid-Cape Home Centers are fulfilling their training and development needs

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

At Go1, we’re passionate about helping companies deliver the highest quality training to their employees.

See how we’re helping Mid-Cape Home Centers to fulfill all of their training and development needs with Go1 Premium.

The company

A family-run organization, Mid-Cape Home Centers was founded in 1895. For more than 100 years, the company has been providing quality building materials to professional builders and homeowners in the Cape Cod area.

Today, Mid-Cape Home Centers operates across five locations and is still committed to providing the best building supplies for their southeast Massachusetts customers.

As an employer, they are just as committed to showing their staff how much they’re valued and supported.

As company President Jack Stevenson says, “Our people drive our business; you just can’t do it without them. If you listen to your people, empower them and work with them, you’ll be closer to your customers.”

With that goal in mind, the company recently partnered with Go1 to improve the way they deliver employee training and development across the organization.

The challenge

Prior to Go1, the company’s approach to learning was very sporadic.

Even though they were doing a lot of vendor training, they were struggling to get the employee attendance or engagement they wanted.

We talked to Heidi Kiewel-Spencer, Systems Manager & Trainer at Mid-Cape Home Centers, about what the company was looking for in a learning management system.

“We wanted to have a program that allowed everyone to have their own access, to be able to choose what they wanted to do, and we could also assign them classes as well,” Heidi explained.

“The main features for me was knowing that I could track certifications and licenses, knowing that I could schedule and assign people but also monitor what they did.”

The solution

While looking for the right solution to their training and development needs, Heidi test drove about a dozen different online training portals before deciding on Go1.

“Everything that Go1 had was exactly what we wanted,” she told us.

Having prebuilt content was also a very important feature for the company.

“I don’t have time to build an entire library by myself. So, having all those features together, Go1 really provided what I wanted at a price that I wanted, and it led to everything that I was hoping we could find in one package.”

With Go1 Premium, Mid-Cape Home Centers employees are now able to take part in regular professional development, including tool box training and weekly safety topics.

Each team member has a defined learning path based on their job description, with a skills matrix which helps to identify the skills needed to advance further in their career.

The results

After selecting Go1 as the company’s new training tool, Heidi was impressed with how easy it was to implement and set up.

She was also impressed by Go1’s competitive pricing, when comparing the cost to various other learning management systems.

“Some places, we were going to have to customize a lot of information, and that was going to be very expensive. With Go1 Premium, the features were exactly what [we] wanted and more, and the pricing was much better than a lot of places I could talk to.”

We look forward to hearing more about how Mid-Cape Home Centers are promoting and supporting employee learning across their organization.

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