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How Co-op Solutions elevated their learning program

Co-op Solutions reflect on their experience developing an engaging LMS program with Go1 and the importance of collaboration, learner insight and digital accessibility.
Elise Willson, Content Writer

Go1's Tyler Smith joined Quintessence Tucker, Senior Training Specialist at Co-op Solutions to discuss their collaborative work on building an accessible, micro-learning focused LMS program.

Their session was hosted by The Learning Guild, with Quin diving into her role of introducing a micro-learning focused strategy and its impacts on organizational goals and employee development.

Digital learning and user experience

In the clip above, Quin walks through key elements of the Co-op Solutions Go1 homepage, calling out the importance of a clear user experience. Including task lists, leaderboards and calendars the platform has become a simplified location communicating to each learner what they need to do, any deadlines and how to simply access each task.

Learning accessibility

When delivering digital learning content within widely distributed and remote workforces, having an understanding and action plan around accessibility is essential. Tyler asks Quin above about her considerations of auditory and sensory roadblocks within the learning platform, and they additionally discuss the management of delivering sensitive learning materials.

Career development and employee investment

After first questioning the session attendees for their predictions, Tyler revealed the staggering insight that although 94% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their career development, only 15% have access to these learning opportunities. Particularly within the context of current global retention struggles, it's no surprise that employees are seeking reassurance that when they stay with a company, that they will grow and develop while there.

Quin goes on to highlight the over-arching need for a comprehensive L&D strategy, with digital learning being one piece of the puzzle.

Collaboratively developing Co-op Solution's learning platform alongside Quin and her team has been exciting and reiterated the opportunities within micro-learning and accessible learning solutions.

You can view the entire The Learning Guild session with Tyler and Quin here.

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