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Helping Readiness provide leading mental health and wellbeing education 

Simon Kearney, the co-founder and Director of Readiness, sat down with us to speak about their unique partnership with Go1.  
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Readiness is a complete mental health and wellbeing platform. It is designed to monitor the key elements of an employee’s wellbeing and provide tailored educational resources to help them proactively improve the key elements of wellbeing, including sleep health, mental health and physical health. 

Simon Kearney, the co-founder and Director of Readiness, sat down with us to speak about their unique partnership with Go1.  

How does Readiness impact its community and customers? 

With an astounding 22% of Australians reporting that their mental health was much worse in January 2021 compared to March 2020 (ABS 2021), businesses have rushed to fill the growing gap in their health and wellbeing education gaps.  

Readiness believes in taking a proactive and preventive approach when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. Simon talks more about how they are supporting Australians in this area of need below. 

Why did Readiness choose to partner with Go1? 

Readiness strives to ensure the world’s best practice in education and resources for their clients. That is why they partnered with Go1 to enable them to continue doing what they do best.  

What was the desired outcome of powering the Readiness offering with Go1? 

According to Simon, everyone reacts differently to physical or mental stress. So naturally, the team at Readiness wanted to ensure they were covering all types of learning and teaching modes to create the most tailored and personalised resource experience platform for all users.  

What was the experience implementing the Go1 solution? 

For Readiness, implementing Go1 was simple and seamless. We’ll let Simon explain:  

What results has Readiness seen since powering your offering with Go1? 

Since powering their offering with Go1, Readiness has seen some very concrete and positive results. With regular feedback from their clients, the major response has been around how refreshing the variety across all topics of physical, mental, and sleep health has been.  

How has Go1 content impacted the usage of the Readiness platform? 

Below, Simon gives us some insight into some interesting stats that Readiness has seen since working with Go1. 

How has Go1 helped Readiness to overcome its challenges and meet desired outcomes? 

Simon believes that the partnership with Go1 has allowed Readiness to scale more quickly and efficiently, as well as provide a diverse range of the world’s best practice in terms of resources. He also admires the connection between the two organisations, expressing that they feel supported by the Go1 team. 

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