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How Go1 is improving the quality and delivery of mandatory clinical training at Community Therapy

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The company

Mobile healthcare company Community Therapy supports a range of individuals, including people living with disabilities, people recovering from surgeries, and the elderly.

The priority for Community Therapy has always been to deliver exceptional healthcare experiences to the community - to do so, their workforce consists of a combination of clinical and professional skills. 

As a growing organisation, Community Therapy requires software that allows training to be delivered to staff in the most efficient and effective way. What's more, providing services to the community (rather than a private practice) demands innovative tools to support the dispersed operations. 

We talked with Scott Lynch, Managing Director at Community Therapy, about finding the right solution to deliver high-quality mandatory clinical training to their team.

The challenge

"Our priority is clinical excellence; we want to provide a superb healthcare experience to members of our community," Scott explained.

"To do this, we needed a system that would support us in building clinical skills, while also managing the significant amount of mandatory training requirements that our industry requires. We wanted something that would integrate with our HR system and make it easy for our team members to engage with their learning."

Community Therapy were eager to find a training provider with a diversity of content that could cover a range of topics, from healthcare, all the way through to compliance and office skills such as Microsoft. It was also important that the solution integrate seamlessly with the company's existing HR system - Employment Hero. In addition, the system needed to have a simple user journey for both administrators and learners who are time poor. 

In addition, Community Therapy is an NDIS registered organisation and needs to consistently demonstrate mandatory compliance to industry partners in the community, including residential and approved aged care facilities, private health insurers, and rehabilitation at home providers. Therefore, it's vital that the training rolled out is adaptable and nimble, to provide better healthcare experiences through a highly skilled and professional workforce.

The solution

Go1 has allowed the delivery of mandatory clinical training through a huge library of pre-existing content that is ever-growing.

Since starting with Go1, Community Therapy have found that the amalgamated content from different providers covers both industry relevant topics (such as disability and healthcare) through to very specific workplace skills (such as Excel). 

As a multidisciplinary provider, the Community Therapy team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and speech pathologists, as well as various administrative roles. Go1 allows Community Therapy to deliver mandatory training across all of these roles including (but not limited to) workplace safety, disability and aged care standards, understanding elder abuse, in-house procedures, as well as short courses on the different softwares in usage. 

The reporting within Go1 allows administrators to quickly and easily monitor who has completed their training, ensuring compliance is up-to-date in all parts of the business. Community Therapy is also able to upload more specific clinical content in the form of narrated slideshows or video presentations from internal or external sources. 

The results

With the support that they received from the Go1 team, Community Therapy has been able to integrate seamlessly with Employment Hero for easily accessible content for all of its staff, who are confident in the use of the platform and its content.

Employees are now able to access not only mandatory courses through Employment Hero, but also pursue other areas of interest for their own skill development, as well as on-the-go learning through their mobile devices. 

"We appreciate that it is such an easy process. Users don’t have to jump through hoops or spend time on logistics – instead they can just quickly and easily get started with their learning," said Scott.

"At Community Therapy, two of our core values are care and integrity, and it was clear through the onboarding process that Go1 aligned with these values too. Go1 has been instrumental in our ability to manage learning in a simple and enjoyable way."

We’d like to thank Scott for taking the time to speak to us and look forward to hearing more about their Go1 experience.

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