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Delivering effective and streamlined employee training across Claim Central

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Australia’s Claim Central provides a transparent and simple claims management solution for property, motor and cyber claims, making insurance claims easier for insurers and policy holders.

The company recently turned to Go1, to help them deliver effective and streamlined employee training across the organisation.

The company

Recognised by the Australian Financial Review as the ‘8th Most Innovative Company in Australia’ in 2016, Claim Central’s digital solutions are the first of their kind and unique in the insurance industry.

Using such advanced technology solutions themselves, Claim Central turned to Go1 for a modern, up-to-date learning platform that would allow them to develop and manage their own custom-created content.

The challenge

With staff in every state, Claim Central needed a cloud-based learning platform that all employees would be able to access, regardless of geographical location.

The company were looking for an online system that would be able to manage a wide range of training materials, including compliance, WH&S, code of practice, and privacy awareness courses.

During tender process, the Claim Central team often needs to prove that they are training staff in certain things, so it was important that the system would allow them to easily pull reports and data on employee training.

The solution

In Go1, Claim Central’s L&D team found a solution that was more user-friendly than previous learning management systems they’d used.

Go1 has saved them a lot of time in manually handling learning and development – with no need to fly interstate to provide employee training!

In addition to being a reliable and easy-to-use solution for managing custom-created content, Go1 also contains thousands of accessible online courses that staff can easily enroll in for their own professional development training.

The results

Six months since implementation, Claim Central now has 180 staff using the Go1 platform for training and development.

We talked to Marcelle McGrath, Claim Central’s Head of People and Advancement, about the Go1 experience.

“I’m a massive fan!” said Marcelle. “It’s training on the go – simple, user-friendly, easy to implement and there’s good support.”

There has been a significant increase in the number of staff completing compulsory training, since implementing the system. With many employees using Go1 on their tablets and mobile devices, completion rates are much higher, as the learning platform is so accessible and can be used anywhere, anytime.

And with such a robust reporting system, Marcelle and her team can now easily identify and track employees who aren’t completing training.

“We also employ a lot of people who have come from a trade background, and with the Go1 platform, they can quickly and easily enrol in online courses to brush up on their computer skills, such as Microsoft Office,” says Marcelle.

Marcelle explained how Go1 has also become part of the company’s onboarding process, with all new employees spending an hour or two in the Go1 platform to complete compliance training for new hires.

Since partnering with Go1, Claim Central’s HR Advisor Tia has been frequently using Go1 to create reports and run data.

“The best tool for me has been the online chat, with Go1’s support team always replying quickly – whenever I’ve had a problem, they reply within minutes,” says Tia.

She believes the Go1 team offers not only great customer support, but also extensive knowledge on other learning tools, which helps them to troubleshoot problems and provide impressive support to Claim Central.

Moving into 2018, Claim Central’s L&D will focus more on soft skill development, such as emotional intelligence and leadership training, using Go1’s online courses. People are already starting to go into the platform and enrol in extra courses, to further their own professional development.

We look forward to hearing more about how Claim Central continues to develop their learning and development across their organisation with Go1.

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