How böhme achieved a double digit increase in store performance and increased retention rates

Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

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See how we’re helping böhme to fulfill all of their training and development needs with Go1.

The company


böhme is a fast fashion women's clothing brand which offers detailed and distinctive pieces at an affordable price. Founded by two sisters Vivien and Fernanda Bohme, böhme has become a startup success in the US. Since it's establishment in 2007, böhme has fast grown to have 16 store locations throughout the Midwest, along with an online store.

They also have a proven history of success being named Top Women-Run Business, listed in Inc.500 Fastest Growing Companies, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Us Weekly, Salt Lake Magazine, Utah Business and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

böhme values creativity above all other business skills and break all the rules along the way. Their passion for success drives their company today.

We sat down with Douglas Tilton, VP of Operations at böhme to talk about the company's experience using Go1 to help address their training needs and continue to drive success in the company. Watch the video below.

The challenge

Before adopting Go1, Douglas explains that böhme had no formal training processes in place:

"Training prior to Go1 was very scattered. We did not have a formalized LMS by any means, we had printed materials in individual stores that managers could or could not use, and we just relied on store visits through executives to see if and when it was being used, and the effectiveness of it."

With business growth on the rise, böhme recognised that a better approach to training was needed, so in 2015 they switched over to the Go1 Platform to provide training to all of their staff.

The results

Since implementing Go1, böhme has seen some very positive changes across the company, especially in engagement.

"Since adopting Go1, our usage level has sky-rocketed and we have definitely seen a more educated sales force," says Douglas.

"We attribute a lot of that to the Go1 platform because we can push out our own content upcoming launches or training and we can use the multitude of courses that Go1 already has for individualized specialties during the annual review processing, assign course work for a very specific skillset that someone might be lacking, and we can let them use Go1's platform to learn things that they want on their own." 

On top of that, the user interface was an immediate attraction for böhme. In the video Douglas explains that once böhme started implementing the platform, it was very easy to use and when things were not as intuitive, the customer support was quick to acknowledge it and provide a timely solution.

"We never felt like we were second, we were always a priority."  

böhme currently utilizes a number of premium courses related to Customer Service skills for training their managers and assistant managers. They have also built a large number of courses on the platform for training for all staff, particularly for on-boarding.

Making the decision to use the Go1 training platform not only simplified the way the learning processes are managed – it also got their employees excited about learning, prompting higher engagement, and attributing to a double digit increase in store performance and increased retention rates.

These are just the kind of results we love to see at Go1, as employees embrace using the platform and get more excited and involved in learning! We look forward to hearing more positive results from the team as their learning program continues to grow with Go1!

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