A New Approach to Experience Research

We're piloting a new approach to understanding our Content Partner's experiences

Here at Go1 we are always looking for new and better ways to improve our customers and partners experiences. In our quest to provide you all with the best experience possible we reach out for conversations, participation in interviews and usability tests regularly. We really, REALLY appreciate your willingness to help us understand your experiences.

But we want to do better in the ways we learn about your experiences as well! We know it must feel like we reach out every other week and perhaps, at times, you speak with a couple of different Go1er’s and answer similar questions.

So, we’re piloting a brand new approach to our experience research with a focus on you - our Content Partners.

Here’s what you’ll experience if you join the pilot program.

  1. You’ll receive an email (just one this quarter!) with a link to a survey
  2. The survey will take less than 5 minutes
  3. In the survey, we’ll give you the option to join our pilot experience research program
  4. If you agree, we’ll add you to our database of potential research participants (stored in User Interviews where your data will be secure and your privacy will be protected)
  5. Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive at most one email per quarter (every three months) inviting you to participate in a study, you can accept or decline
  6. If you accept, you can choose a time and date and book the time in our calendars
  7. We’ll spend 30-60 minutes asking you questions and doing some fun activities
  8. After the research session, there’ll be a surprise (we’ll tell you more about this in the invite email)
  9. And that’s it!

We’ll be working hard to turn what we learn in these sessions into better experiences with our products. And we’ll let you know how we’re doing with regular blog posts, like this one. We want to make sure we share the insights back with you, along with our plans to continuously improve your experiences.

We’re ALL IN and can’t wait to build better and better experiences for you! Look out for your invite email in the coming weeks and complete the short survey to be one of the first to join this exciting pilot approach to our experience research.