Go1 Connect FAQs
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About Go1 Connect

1. What is Go1 Connect?

Go1 Connect is an eLearning B2B distribution and management solution comprising of a range of simple tools to enable eLearning content to be seamlessly delivered to customers. 

Whether your customers are using MS Teams, Slack, SuccessFactors, Workplace by Meta or Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Go1 Connect utilizes pioneering technology to easily integrate your content directly into their systems.  We also provide you with the ability to manage content permissions and updates, as well as analytics and reporting tools so that you can better understand your customers, and their content usage.

2. How does Go1 Connect work?

The Go1 platform works as a central repository and management tool for all your eLearning assets. Once your content has been uploaded and your customers have been added, you can manage who sees it, turn permissions on and off, and choose which platform you wish to distribute to.You can also gain insights from analytics and reporting functions to better understand how your customers are using your content and where you can improve. As for distribution to other environments, you're able to do this through leading integration technology that we’ve expertly developed as well as SCORM wrapping functionality. By using the Go1 Connect suite of tools, you’ll be better equipped to not only manage and run your business more efficiently, but to also scale and grow your enterprise. 

3. What are the key features of Go1 Connect?

The Go1 Connect solution includes a range of features some of which include:
Secure Hosting: Access to Go1’s intuitive content platform provides you with a central location to host all your content, and easily maintain and update it for your customers.

Distribution: Integrations with market-leading Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and workflows (such as the Microsoft office suite, Slack and Workplace by Meta) enable your content to be delivered directly into your customers environments.

Management: Through your control centre, you can ready any file format for delivery, set permissions and manage content. Reporting functionality enables real-time access to user analytics to monitor engagement across customers.

Customizable LMS Option: Our platform interface can be customized with your own branding, with the ability to set up different portals for each of your customers.

4. Who is Go1 Connect for?

Any business that creates eLearning content – such as courses, videos, tutorials, quizzes – to sell direct to customers. The Go1 Connect solution can be customised for companies of all shapes and sizes, based on your business model and the needs of your customers. Whether you’re a content creation powerhouse or a small business just starting out, we can set you up for success.

5. How can Go1 Connect help my business?

By using Go1 Connect you’ll be able to streamline your content management and delivery process, saving you time and resources. It can help alleviate the manual handling of assets, and ensure you have complete control over your content. For customers who are seeking your content in the flow of work, or embedded in their Learning Management System, you’ll be able to deliver assets to whichever platform they use. At Go1, we genuinely believe that your success is our success, that's why we'll assign you your own Customer Success Manager to ensure Go1 Connect is set up to support your business growth.

6. Is Go1 Connect suitable for any type of content management?

Yes, Go1 Connect has been designed for all content creators from any industry or sector. Regardless of the nature of the content you produce, or the format, Go1 Connect can streamline your processes and help you fully manage your content delivery.  

7. Is Go1 Connect easy to use?

It sure is. Ease of use has been critical in the development of Go1 Connect. After a simple set up, you’ll be able to experience easy end-to-end content management with connected tech, streamlined processes and safeguarded content.

8. Can I access training for myself and my team?

Training and ongoing support is part of the Go1 Connect solution. We’ll run training sessions with your team to ensure everyone who needs access to Go1 Connect is confident in using the tools. 

9. What if we encounter any issues?

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will remain on hand to help with any issues. We also have a 24/7 support team so that you can log a ticket and have any technical issue resolved within 24-48 hours.

10. How much does Go1 Connect cost?

Our commercial model reflects how we view all our customers – as partners. Therefore, we operate on a revenue share arrangement, plus an annual subscription fee. Our Account Executives will be happy to go through the details with you.

11. Who is using Go1 Connect currently?

Go1 Connect is currently being used by a range of B2B businesses globally. For more info about how SMEs have adopted Go1 Connect, get in touch with one of our Account Executives for a case study that’s relevant to you.

12. Go1 Connect sounds great, how can I get a demo?

We’d love to provide you with a demo of Go1 Connect. Our Account Executives can set up a time that suits you, and anyone else from your business that would like to join. 

13. What happens after the demo?

If you see value in implementing Go1 Connect following your demo, we can develop a tailored proposal for you and your colleagues to review. If not, our demos are completely obligation free. 

14. Can I find out more about the integrations to other platforms?

You sure can. We have collated a technical spec sheet, so that you can get a read on our integrations across various platforms and workflows. It’s important to note that as a tech company, we’re always working on new and improved integrations. To request the current tech spec sheet, please submit the form here.

15. Can I manage customer payments through Go1 Connect?

At the moment, customer payment management isn't available within Go1 Connect, however we're currently exploring solutions, so stay tuned. There are a couple of options we can recommend for payment management, so please reach out to an Account Executive for more information. 

16. Will my content be secure?

Absolutely. Go1 takes content security very seriously. We currently work with over 200 providers who trust us to host and delivery their content securely. Go1 uses Microsoft Azure secure data hosting services which are fully ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI-DSS compliant, with third party annual security audits, risk assessments, and penetration tests. 

17. I’m a Go1 Content Partner, how do I get access to Go1 Connect?

Great to hear you are already a Go1 Content Partner! Reach out to your Content Success Manager and they can put you in touch with a member of the Go1 Connect team, or contact us directly here.

18. What if I don't have a lot of content?

The same benefits apply to B2Bs with one course or asset, as they do with thousands. Regardless of the volume of your content, you can use Go1 Connect to fully manage the delivery of your content, with complete control over usage.

19. What ROI can I expect from Go1 Connect?

We’re confident that by signing up to Go1 Connect, you’ll be investing in the growth of your business. The Go1 Connect product and services can help you: 

  • Attract new customers seeking eLearning content that’s directly accessible within their existing platforms.
  • Reduce risk of content misuse and mis-management – ensuring content remains in your control.
  • Decrease manual handling and double handling of files and assets through the distribution process.
  • Plan and forecast more accurately with in-real-time analytics and optimisation consultations with your Customer Success Manager.

20. Will I be locked in to using Go1 Connect ongoing?

Not at all. We want every business using Go1 Connect to be 100% satisfied with the value our tools and services provide. If you’ve been working with your Customer Success Manager but are still not achieving the outcomes you’d anticipated, we can close your accounts at the end of your contract period.