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Why am I so tired? How the pandemic has impacted our ability to work and learn 

Do you know how you learn? Think again. On Episode 15 of the Go1 podcast, Lauren Waldman, Founder and Chief Learning Scientist of Learning Pirate, discusses the practical applications of neuroscience in the workplace. 
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Why am I so tired?  

Why am I getting angry at small things?  

Why can't I switch off? 

Without understanding our brains, how we process information, and how we work and learn, we may feel stuck in an unproductive state. 

In episode 15 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, we're joined by Lauren Waldman, Founder and Chief Learning Scientist of Learning Pirate, to bring a deeper understanding and awareness on this topic.  

Listen to hear Lauren dive into the science of the brain and how neuroscience can be translated into practical application within L&D, to positively change the way we experience and feel learning. 

Ready to learn what your brain can really do? Check out some of our favourite highlights below. 

Why is learning not retained? 

When we’re learning, we are literally changing the physiology of our brains. Lauren believes that memory plays a key part in this process, and there are three fundamental stages of memory that must be considered when it comes to learning design - encode, store, and retrieve.  

People struggle to learn when their brains are under stress 

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to focus? Harder to switch off? Or things slipping from your memory?   

You're not alone. These past 18 months have taken their toll in many ways, and most likely, your brain is exhausted. 

Considering this, many organisations don’t have internal resources with the knowledge and skills to effectively help those in need. And so, the question is - when designing learning, how do we get to the heart of what is really going on and ensure that we are being psychologically safe? Lauren begins to dive into this more below.  

Why is it important to understand how our brains work? 

Drawing from her own journey, Lauren speaks about the importance of joining forces with your brain and understanding the role it plays in our day-to-day feelings and emotions. There may be more benefits than you think...


Evolving the way we learn – what's next? 

This is where the science of the brain and learning meet.  

Having the knowledge about how the brain learns enables organisations to create impactful, measurable and memorable learning experiences for their employees.   

If you’re listening and this resonates with you, Lauren encourages you to reach out and start a conversation.  

When neuroscience found its way into Lauren’s world, it was game over. All it took was one question, “how did I not know this!?” It was that one question that changed everything. 

Just like Lauren, we hope that you too can walk away from this episode with a deeper curiosity about the inner workings of your brain, and how we can be using that knowledge to advance business practices. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the full episode here.  

We look forward to continuing the rest of the series with L&D professionals already scheduled to join us from Italy, Cyprus, Eqypt, Oman, Finland, The Netherlands, Australia, USA and many more. Stay tuned! 

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