What’s new in the Go1 September update

Chris Hood

Making it easier for Administrators to distribute learning content and track user progress is the focus of our September update as we roll our improvements across the Go1 Platform. You can now view results for individual learning items, purchase credits which can be allocated to user for course purchases, allow users to request the purchase of courses, define multiple module dependencies for your learners, and more.


Learn more about all of the updates below.

A results page for LIs will now be available

Results for individual learning items can now be viewed under the results tab in the learning Resources under the Explore tab. You can also manually update a users status by click on Edit under the Actions column in the report.

Module dependency will now be able to support multiple requirements

Sometimes you may want your users to completes several modules before progressing through their learning program, and with this update you can now set multiple modules that are required to progress, rather than just one.

Other updates and improvements include:

  • Allow admin to enroll a user into an event if start date has passed
  • There is now an easier way for users to leave groups
  • You can now add a share option when posting note in "All" group
  • Improved scheduled events form
  • New sorting options available for Explore and Awards
  • Improvements to Awards settings functionality
  • Updates to typography
  • New language, Norwegian Nynorsk available
  • Download a learning transcript


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If you have any questions about any of the updates and improvements listed above, please let us know and our Customer Success Team can help you out!

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