What's new in the Go1 end of August release

Scott Cooper

The end of August is nearing and we have just released the second installment of our updates and improvements to the Go1 Platform for the month. In this update we have more filtering options to reports in the new Administrator Dashboard, updated notification settings for when you leave a portal, added new tools to sort your courses by enrollment status, and have improved our password straight settings when signing up or updating information.


Find out more about all of the updates below:

Filter Your Courses by Enrollment Status

If you log into your portal and don't see all of your courses appearing, don't worry, they are still there, they have just been filtered to display your In Progress courses.

Administrator User Dashboard Update

We are continuing to improve the way that you manages your enrollments through new filtering tools through the administrator dashboard.

Password Checker Strength

When creating or updating passwords relating to Go1 accounts, users will now see a password strength meter in addition to all passwords requiring a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter and a number to be accepted.

Updates to Portal Notifications

If a user leaves, or is removed from a portal they will no longer see notifications for that portal. This ensures that all notifications displayed are relevant to the users current courses and learning material.

Other improvements and updates include:

  • Profile fields correct order display has been updated and you can add descriptions to groups
  • The functionality around using audio in questions has been improved
  • Users are now required to confirm assignments with uploading their own work
  • Functionality for private courses to be displayed in JSEmbed websites has been updated
  • Feedback bar appearing Quiz has been updated
  • Loading issues around private LearningPathway have been resolved
  • Portal configuration is now saved correctly
  • Blocked users logic has been updated. Blocked users now can access courses outside the blocked portal
  • Android users can now switch between  portals

If you have any questions about any of the updates and improvements listed above, please let us know and our Customer Success Team can help you out!

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