What’s new in the Go1 December release

Scott Cooper

The end of the year is approaching fast, and we are continuing to roll out even more updates to the Go1 system with our December release. This release that will be deployed on December 11 includes one of our biggest updates in recent months; the inclusion of a new interactive resource type. In addition to the interactive recourses, you’ll also find updates to the course card notifications, Groups access settings, and more!

Find out more about all the updates below:

Interactive Resources

Course creators can new insert interactive files into their courses using the backend course creation tools. The Scorm engine is compilable with file types: Scorm, Tincan, AICC.

To use interactive resources, simply click on ‘Add Resource’ as you have done in the past and a new option for ‘Interactive’ will now be displayed.

Course Card Notifications

Keeping track of which courses you have already complete while searching the markertplace has now become even easier.  This new update will now notify users if they are trying to enroll into a course that is already in their portal via notification.

Do not allow blocked user enroll to view Project Groups

In order to improve user management and protect your content, if you have blocked users in your system, the blocking functionality now extends to blocking that user from all Project Groups too.


Other improvements and updates include:

  • Not allowing users to enroll beta course without permission
  • ‘View Last Result’ answers option when taking quiz.


If you have any questions about any of the updates and improvements listed above, please let us know and our Customer Success Team can help you out!

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