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What it's like to launch digital learning for the first time

In Episode 14 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, we were joined by Josh Novelle to discuss how organisations can build their L&D function from scratch. Catch up on some of the highlights from the podcast here.
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Josh Novelle, Global Head of Learning Design & Technologies, has worked in learning and development at a number of multinationals. And knows a thing or two about building an L&D team from the ground up. 

Josh recently joined Go1 host Nick Ramsay to discuss the experience and challenges of launching digital learning for the first time.

ūüé߬†¬†During¬†the episode, you will learn more¬†about:¬†

  • What Josh has learnt building an L&D function from scratch
  • Josh's beliefs on the most important part of an L&D strategy
  • The skills Josh would consider when hiring L&D professionals
  • The skills needed to build a successful L&D team¬†

Here are some of our highlights from the conversation.

Developing a practice of curiosity 

L&D calls for people who challenge the status quo, who can dig deep to get to the root of a problem and understand it to its core. This requires a skill that is not often thought about, but is absolutely essential when it comes to building a successful L&D strategy - and that is, curiosity. Listen as Josh explains the growing role of curiosity in L&D below.  

Building L&D from scratch 

With a long history of managing teams and working with different people in various roles, Josh knows what's most important when building an L&D team from the ground up. 

In this highlight, Josh draws on his past experiences to talk about the big lessons and learnings of building an L&D function from scratch.  

Inclusivity as a priority in L&D

Something that is becoming an even bigger priority for L&D in the last couple of years is the change of messaging around inclusivity in learning. Providing learning content that empowers all levels of learners to develop their skills and perform better at work, regardless of qualifications or job title - that's where businesses will really start to see success. Josh talks more about having an inclusive strategy below.

What does the future of L&D look like? 

Let's answer the above question using two words - employee experience.

This is something that Josh believes will truly transcend the L&D function moving into the future. 

This means embedding the learning function on a hidden basis, where it seamlessly blends in with the flow of work. This also means having resources available to learners in the right place at the right time. This is a place that Josh is certainly excited for L&D functions to reach. Find out his thoughts below. 

We’d like to thank Josh again for joining us on the Learning with Go1 podcast and sharing some really great insights into the evolving world of L&D. If you haven't already, you can check out the full episode here. 

We look forward to continuing the rest of the series with L&D professionals already scheduled to join us from Italy, Cyprus, Eqypt, Oman, Finland, The Netherlands, Australia, the USA and many more. Stay tuned! 

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