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What has L&D learned from the transition to remote learning?

In episode 16 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, we were joined by Francesco Cortese to discuss how L&D has benefitted from the transition to remote learning. Catch up on highlights from the podcast here. 
Dom Murray, Content Writer

Since the widespread move to remote learning in early 2020, two big questions have been on our minds. Firstly, what have L&D teams learned from this transition? And secondly, how can they apply this knowledge to benefit learners?

In episode 16 of the Learning with Go1 podcast, Training Manager Francesco Cortese joined host Craig Hamill to discuss these and several other pressing questions. With a particular focus on L&D in retail, Francesco had many pertinent insights to share. 

ūüéß Make sure you listen to hear Francesco‚Äôs thoughts on:

  • Delivering impactful training from anywhere
  • The skills L&D teams need to be agile
  • New skills and tools L&D teams have gained since moving to remote learning¬†
  • L&D‚Äôs role as a strategic enabler

Here are some of the highlights from the conversation. 

Delivering impactful training with less time  

One of the key benefits of the transition to remote learning is that it forced L&D teams to think in new ways and do more with less. As Francesco explains, his team learned to deliver more impactful training with less time. 

In this highlight, Francesco emphasises that no matter where your learning occurs, it must be impactful. As such, learners must walk away satisfied that they achieved exactly what they set out to do. 

Agility in the face of adversity for L&D 

The sudden move to remote learning required agility on a scale that few L&D teams were truly prepared for. As Francesco puts it, ‚Äúagile means that you are solving a problem in a certain way today, and tomorrow you have the same problem but you have to solve it in a different way.‚Ä̬†

Ultimately, teams that were able to adapt the fastest while still centring learners were the most successful. Listen as Francesco explains the challenges and unexpected benefits his team encountered. 

How has the break from face to face training benefitted L&D?   

Sometimes, a change is as good as a holiday. This saying has been especially true for L&D teams following the move to remote learning. 

While the shift to remote learning was sudden and arduous for most L&D teams, many silver linings have subsequently emerged. 

Below, Francesco talks us through the new tools and skills that L&D teams have gained thanks to the break from face to face training. 

How will L&D influence business strategy in the future?

To answer this question succinctly, Francesco believes that alignment is critical for L&D to be successful. He explains that L&D teams must take more responsibility for business results and align more closely with their organisation’s overall strategy. 

Rather than being seen as a separate entity, L&D must align with business leaders to ensure success. 

Hear Francesco’s thoughts on the future of L&D below. 

We would like to thank Francesco again for joining us on the Learning with Go1 podcast to share his insights into the ever-changing world of L&D. If you haven't already, you can listen to the full episode here. 

We look forward to continuing the rest of the series, with L&D professionals already scheduled to join us from Cyprus, Egypt, Oman, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, the USA and many more. Stay tuned! 

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