What are you learning this holiday season?

Scott Cooper

The end of the year is fast approaching, and for most people that means a week or two away from work. While this is a great time to relax and refresh yourself for the new year, it’s also a really good time to learn some new skills so that when you head back to work you can hit the ground running!


We’ve got a list of some great short courses that are FREE for you to take and will teach you some awesome new skills so that you can make sure that you have a great 2017.

Becoming an organizational champion

The challenges of the 21st century demand a different style of leader. The Organizational Champion eLearning series presents an innovative approach to leadership in this millennium and helps develop you into a new breed of leader known as a Champion. Based on Mike Thompson’s book, The Organizational Champion, these modules are an invaluable resource for developing you into a dynamic leader capable of steering your organization through today’s challenges and uncertainty into the realm of profit and growth. The ‘Introduction to the Organizational Champion’ is the first in the eLearning series.

Learn more about PowerPoint

These 2 courses can teach you new skill about improving your presentations with the help of picture effects and interactive objects. In only 25 mins you can turn your regular old presentation into an eye-catching tool for information by learning some of the picture effects tools in PowerPoint. Learn a range of effects with step by step instructions so you don’t miss anything. Bring your next presentation to life with the help of interactive objects. Your presentations no longer need to look like a boring PDF with the ability to add in hyperlinks, in page toggles and much more. This 25min courses will teach you how to take your next presentation to the next level!

How to master public speaking

Many people would rather die than stand in front of a microphone. It doesn’t have to be that way. This brief course will show that anyone can become a polished public speaker with practice. We’ve designed it for the person who wants to feel confident while powerfully delivering a message to any audience, large or small.

How to conduct effective business meetings

Meetings are an accepted part of office life, and can be a great way to increase productivity, brainstorm new ideas and accomplish goals. However, when not conducted effectively, meetings have the opposite effect. Employees are frustrated by what they see as a waste of their time and meeting facilitators are disheartened by their inability to accomplish goals. This course explores how to avoid discontent by conducting effective business meetings.

With these courses, you will be ready to take on 2017 and might even give your boss a surprise when you take charge of that next meeting or presentation to a big client!


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