What are the best online courses for finance professionals?

John Sherman


Key Considerations

  • Current skill level
  • Desired career path
  • Stage in career
  • Interest in changing to a different financial profession
  • Short- and long-term expectations
  • Employer, state, or federal requirements


Recommended Courses

If your goal is to work as a cost accountant, online training courses would allow you to perform a broad range of tasks for multiple departments. Along with pricing goods and services for tax certification or verification, you might have the opportunity to work with marketing experts.

Helping them prepare quotes would allow them to make better financial decisions. In this role, you may also work closely with top executives to help identify financial risks and determine the right way to mitigate.

Auditing and Accounting

You’ll find excellent online courses for chartered accounting as well. Using practical training, you could enjoy a rewarding career in different areas. Included are auditing, consulting, information technology, and investment banking, among many others.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of chartered accounting courses is that they open doors for an international career.

Advanced Mathematics

If you like working with numbers but also solving mysteries, actuary online training courses are a perfect fit. With this type of career, you would assess the financial impact of uncertainty and risk. Another part of this job involves assessing and monitoring the complexity of financial security systems.

Brushing up on your mathematics skills would allow you to evaluate the probability of events. This would also help minimize any impact of financial loss connected to an event.

With this position, you need excellent analytical skills combined with an understanding of human behavior and business knowledge. Thankfully, the best online training platform offers professionally developed topics on these as well.

Policy Creation and Negotiations

If your goal is to work as a secretary, you would perform multiple tasks. Some of these include creating company policies, managing acquisitions and mergers, maintaining legal records, and handling public issues.

Serving as an agent, you would negotiate with government authorities. For that reason, online courses focusing on policy creation and negotiations are essential.

Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

If you want to enter the field of finance or have recently done so, it’s imperative for you to build an accounting foundation. An excellent place to start is with basic accounting and financial statement analysis. From there, you can complete additional courses to help you achieve your career goal.

Financial Modeling

An introductory online training course for financial modeling is another on one of the best options. With this, you learn how to represent a real-world financial situation using abstract form. The course teaches how to use a company’s historical data to forecast future performance.

As expressed in a written article by Lance Rubin of Model Citizen, “Being the captain of the Titanic doesn’t help when you keep on looking backwards to see where you are going. There may be an iceberg heading your way, and you need to steer the ship to avoid, often unlikely, yet probable, issues.”


Of all PC tools used by people in the world of finance, Excel is by far the most reliable, useful, and versatile. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll have no problem finding Excel training courses online for beginner to advanced users.

In no time, you’ll become a pro on building incredible reports, graphs, charts, and more from scratch.


You might find it odd for experts to recommend communication courses for someone interested or involved in finance. However, in business, regardless of your responsibilities or title, excellent communication leads to success. On the other hand, poor communication skills can cause companies to fail.

With online courses, you’ll learn how to negotiate with confidence, pitch ideas to clients, and carry on conversations with top executives.

The best training courses provide insight into common mistakes people make when it comes to communication. These courses will also show you how to correct errors. Empower yourself by becoming a better and stronger communicator.

Financial Planning

If you’ve set your sights set on becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), which involves managing wealth, you need extensive training.

For this career path, you’ll need to complete courses on a variety of personal finance topics. For example, you would need insurance planning, estate planning, tax planning, charitable donations, and more. In this position, the goal is to manage another person’s wealth to protect it and help it grow.


Courses in economics are also highly beneficial for anyone working in the finance industry. In fact, people in this role receive a lot of recognition for their work in predicting how policies impact finance and performance.

Investments and Risk Management

Some people find working as a Financial Risk Manager both exciting and rewarding. With this, you would manage risks associated with investments.

Whether you work for a financial company, bank or credit union, or non-banking financial firm, online courses in investments and risk management are critical for success. The best courses cover a broad range of topics associated with this position.

Never Settle

Regardless of which online course you take, never settle for second best. Remember, the financial industry is highly competitive. Ultimately, that leads to many incredible career opportunities. However, with so many people vying for the same positions, you need to do something that gives you an edge.

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