What are the best online courses and what makes them great?

John Sherman

When you rely on a Learning Management System available on the best platform, you and your staff have access to thousands of incredible online courses. Keep in mind that the “best” courses vary from one organization to another based on specific goals and objectives. However, with training developed by industry experts, employees on all levels benefit.


Elements of excellent courses

  • User Pacing – Whether your employees take advantage of e-learning at home or while on the job, they should have the opportunity to work at a comfortable pace. The goal is to make online courses fun and enjoyable, not something your teams dread.
  • Multimedia – Although an excellent platform offers a ton of written courses, the best ones include multimedia. Because most people are visual, it is imperative to look at platforms with videos, podcasts, and so on.
  • Easy Navigation – Users need easy-to-navigate online training courses. You do not want them spending a significant amount of time trying to figure a system out, instead of diving right in to gaining a new skill or enhancing one they already possess.
  • Levels of Learning – The best online training should cover different skill levels. For example, someone trying to become a better communicator could select from beginner to advanced courses based on their current ability and goals.
  • Advanced Technology – Along with advanced technology, an LMS worth using should feature easy-to-use modules. An excellent e-learning platform has reliable and fully supported technologies. That way, if a user runs into an issue, he or she has someone to turn to for help immediately.

Top online courses

  • Learning Environment – Your company’s work environment may not be conducive to learning, even for a staff eager to learn. Although there are many excellent courses, “Facilitate and Promote Learning” is one of the best. This course introduces a conceptual framework for creating an environment that makes it easy for your employees to tackle problems, identify trusted sources, and integrate the information provided into their job responsibilities.
  • Leadership – Training courses on leadership are also among the best. Whether you have leaders who need to become more effective in their roles or individuals within your organization interested in joining your leadership team, it is essential to find the appropriate level of learning to help either succeed. For example, if an employee wants to gain insight into what it takes to be a leader, you might consider an online course like “Introduction to Leadership.”
  • Success in Project Management – With an increasing demand for skilled project managers, this is another hot topic. For any of your employees who currently work in this role and want to improve on knowledge and skills, a training course like “Project Management: Learn to be Successful with Less Effort” is ideal. A course such as this along with similar online training helps project managers become better problem solvers.
  1. Communication – For your organization to run like a “well-oiled machine,” employees on all levels must possess excellent communication skills. With the right courses, they will learn more effective ways of listening and speaking.
  2. Software Use and Computer Programming – Instead of your employees trying to decipher information provided in handbooks, they can complete different courses for both software use and computer programming. As with other topics, these cover all levels from beginner to advanced.
  3. Focus – Inadequate focus has become a major issue for a lot of businesses. Between responsibilities at home and work, many employees struggle to complete projects on time, within scope, and according to the budget. Thanks to online training courses that address this problem, things turn around quickly.
  4. Organization – Organization is another problem for many industries. With e-learning, everyone in your company can become more organized, which promotes productive and improves performance.
  5. Time Management – Especially for busy and growing companies, good time management skills are hard to come by. You can find online training courses developed by multiple experts who specialize in learning or honing time management skills.
  6. Sustainability – Today, a growing number of businesses aim to adopt more sustainable solutions. With courses on sustainability, this is no problem.
  7. Web Design – A good web design attracts both prospects and existing customers. It also makes navigating the site a breeze. For all levels of design, a top LMS platform offers an abundance of courses on this topic.

Another reason for choosing the best online courses is that most are no more than one hour long. That means your employees can use e-learning while on the job without impacting productivity. If you worry about that, you can always offer an incentive for your staff to work on courses at home.

Even the price of the best online training is minimal. As a cost-effective method of learning, you can offer your entire company endless possibilities without adversely affecting the bottom line. When you consider all the benefits that online courses provide, you can see this is the best way to promote growth within your organization.

Outstanding learning opportunities

Remember, the popular training courses that fall under the top seven categories are the most effective. At Go1, we have thousands of options for learning, all dedicated to creating a positive work environment and supporting business growth.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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