Welcome to Go1 version 2.1.0

Scott Cooper

We know that you already love Go1, but that doesn't mean that can't keep improving our product to make your experience even better! Each month we will be releasing new product updates that will help to improve our service and enhance your training experience.

To make things easier for you, all updates will automatically activated for you so you always have the latest tools at your fingertips.

If you have any suggestions on to improve Go1, so that we can make your learning experience as effective as possible, please let us know! [Include link to contact relevant team member]

New Features

Student Gradebook

Students can now see a list of all assessments and items they need to complete from all enrolled courses in one location.

Learning Pathway

Admin users can now create a Learning Pathway so that students can either pursue that pathway if it's a part of their role, or explore it out of pure interest.

A learning pathway:

  • Is a collection of one or more Courses
  • Courses may or may not need to be done in a specific order for eg. Course A > Course B > Course C.
  • If it does need Courses to be completed in a specific order then it works the same way that module completion does, e.g. having completed Course B outside of the learning path should already mark Course B as complete inside the learning path.

Import AVETMISS Information

Admins can now Import a CSV of AVETMISS information for students.

Course, Module and Quiz Dependencies

Admins can now setup dependency settings for courses, modules and quizzes, requiring students to complete Module A before being able to enroll into Module B.

Custom Taxonomy Settings Available

Admins are now able to customise vocabularies and terms (taxonomy)

Single Sign On (SSO) Capability

Implementation of auth0 service enabling easy configuration for SSO using services such as Office365, ActiveDirectory, Google, and many more.

Product Enhancements

  • Username field on sign in page is now case-insensitive
  • New marking options are now available for long answer questions
  • Students can view profile rather than only edit details
  • The menu has been redesigned along with other interface elements for better student user experience
  • Multiple display and functional improvements have been added to front facing website features
  • A range of speed, functional and display enhancements  have been added to the report builder
  • A range of speed, functional and display enhancements have been added to courses
  • A range of speed, functional and display enhancements have been added to workshops
  • A range of speed, functional and display enhancements have been to quizzes
  • The ability to define how many workshops apply to module completion in cases where not all modules are required for completion
  • If a certificate is not uploaded, 'Download Certificate' button is not displayed
  • Students can now see the status of all courses in their Dashboard/My Courses
  • Date fields now default to null rather than an obscure date
  • 'Average' option is now available in histogram report builder
  • Certificates are now automatically emailed to student upon completion of a course
  • You can now embed an audio file to play in a quiz question

If you would like any additional information on any of the above listed features or enhancements, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


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