Webinar: ROI on Go1 content for Totara partners

Jamie Fish

After highlighting the Go1 Content that is available to Totara Partners in our webinar last month, this month we will be taking a close look into the Return on Investment for Totara Partners using Go1 Content, and how you can start generating additional Annual Recurring Revenue from getting involved.

In addition to generating additional ARR, adding Go1 Content to your current offering also increases customer retention further adding value to your business.

In our next webinar for Totara Partners, we will be taking a closer look at the ROI for Totara Partners using Go1 Content. This will cover a step by step walkthrough of the entire process and all benefits involved, including working examples based on current average contracts, and will be a great chance to ask questions directly to Jamie Fish who will be hosting and is the Totara Channel Partner Executive for Go1.

We will be running three seperate webinars based on your region to ensure that all information covered is relevant to your business, and address the key questions that are most prominent in your market. Please make sure you register for the webinar relevant to your region below.

Register here for our United States Webinar

Date/Time: March 28th 10am (PST)

Register here for our United Kingdom/Europe Webinar

Date/Time: March 29th 10am (BST)

We're looking forward to being able to having you on this webinar. If you'd like additional information in preparation, please let us know and we are happy to provide some materials that will help you to understand more about Go1 Content and Totara Partners.


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