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Jamie Fish

We have all heard that “Content is King” in the world of digital marketing, but it is important to remember the same is true for e-learning. We must remember that quality is still important in the modern learning age, not just quantity.

Here at Go1 we are looking to demonstrate that quality through the top 10 most popular courses we have available for you on the Totara integration. These courses are part of the Go1 Premium package of content, and will enable you to access hundreds of courses over many topics.

In our first webinar for Totara Partners, we will be taking a closer look at the content available through Go1. This content can provide a substantial value add, and help to drive additional recurring revenue.

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1. Productivity and Time Management

Time is everything in business and procrastination is the thief of time.

But with this course, you can learn how to improve your organization skills and ways you can plan and prioritize tasks effectively. By managing your time better and efficiently, you can be more productive in the workplace.

As part of the personal development collection, this course is suitable for anyone that wants to improve their time management skills.

You’ll learn all about the four essential pillars of time management and how you can use them in your life and career, using an animated and interactive interface.

This includes realizing ways to avoid procrastination and how multi-tasking and focusing are keys to success. There is also a quiz at the end of each topic to test your knowledge. You’re onto a winner with this course!

2. Excel for Beginners

Excel is one of the most popular programs out there and a stable in many workplace environments. But, not everyone is as tech-savvy as they’d like to be, so this Excel for Beginners course will get you up to speed!

With interactive and step-by-step content, this course is all about learning how to do the basics on Excel yourself, instead of just sitting back and listening. Users can digest bite-size topics to learn everything at their own pace, as well as practice the steps themselves.

This course is suitable for people that are new to Excel 2016 or using spreadsheets altogether, as well as being a refresher course for others to gain confidence and more knowledge of the uses of Excel.

3. Team Working Excellence

You know what they say – teamwork makes the dream work! This Team Working Excellence course is all about how you can work together with others and improve your communication skills and performance.

To become a team player, this course explains why team working is important and how you can collaborate with others effectively, as well as dealing with conflict.

As part of the personal development collection, this is an interactive course that keeps users engaged with interesting stories and bite-size activities. With a quiz at the end of each topic, users can test their knowledge and retain information to use in real life scenarios.

Anyone that works in a team or manages one can learn all about the four key skills needed to improve team working performance for future success in this course.

4. Managing Emotions

When the office is busy and work seems to be stacking up on our desk, it’s easy to get stressed and feel out of your depth. But, we all know it’s not good for our health or for being productive in the workplace.

Now with the Managing Emotions course, users can work on ways to take the intensity out of their working lives and filter in more positive ways of thinking and acting on a daily basis.

This course is suitable for every employee, including managers and covers how you can develop enthusiasm when the times get tough and ways to use anxiety as a tool for success. You don’t have to be your worst enemy anymore!

5. Telephone Etiquette

Being professional and courteous is essential when you work in customer service, especially when you’re answering telephone calls.

The way you interact with a customer represents your company and you have the ability to secure lifelong clients within only a few minutes of a conversation.

With this animated Telephone Etiquette course, users can learn all about the seven steps to providing excellent service, with good manners and effective communication to improve the experience for customers.

This includes how to answer calls and introduce yourself, ways to provide your full attention and take good notes, as well as how you can resolve issues and end the call on a positive note.

This course is part of the customer service collection, which makes it valuable for any employee that works in a customer service role. But, it can also be a useful course for anyone that wishes to learn about practicing good telephone etiquette in the workplace.

6. Complaint Handling

The way that employees handle complaints is essential to retaining customers and sharing positive company representation.

Of course, it’s not always easy when you have difficult clients and tough situations. With the Compliant Handling course, users can learn how to turn a negative into a positive in only a few simple steps.

This course is part of the customer service collection, which means it’s a great choice as training for customer-facing employees. It explains why it’s important to possess complaint skills and how you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes to reach a compromise.

In addition, the course teaches you how to find a solution for a positive outcome that will make sure you and your company are seen in the best light.

7. Manual Handling

Training for manual handling shouldn’t be underestimated – without it, employees can make mistakes and even suffer serious injury. This is especially true if an employee’s around hazardous substances or activities.

This Manual Handling course teaches workers the controls that should be applied in the workplace when there is manual handling involved.

The course explains what manual handling includes and how you can define hazardous activities, before teaching the controls that should be used to reduce risk to health and exposure to injury.

This content is aimed at workers that conduct manual handling in the workplace as a refresh course for regular training.

8. Presenting and Power

Some people are born confidence and natural speakers. But for the rest of us, it’s skill that has to be practiced and honed since it plays a crucial role in business and in the working world.

As part of the personal development collection, this Presenting and Power course will help users build their confidence and learn how to conduct an effective presentation in front of a group of colleagues or wider audience.

In particular, this course teaches techniques to captivate and persuade an audience, as well as motivate and inspire others. What’s more, these presentation skills are used by some of the best public speakers in the world!

There are also methods that can be used to overcome the fear of public speaking and how to create the best presentation – this course is the whole package!

9. Communicating Effectively

One of the most important skills to have in the workplace is the ability to communicate with others. Not to mention, this is a skill that’s essential in life too!

This course is from the personal development collection and is designed to help users become a better and more effective communicator with others.

Anyone can benefit from this Communicating Effectively course and improve their communication skills. Through interactive content, you can learn listening and questioning techniques, as well as how your body language can speak louder than words.

In addition, users can master written and email etiquette skills, with a quiz at the end of each topic to test what you have learned effectively.

10. Driver Safety

Accidents on the road can take place at any time and this includes during working hours. You can never learn too much about driver safety and this course focuses on how you can stay safe and lower the chance of accidents happening.

This is especially important for those employees who drive as part of their workplace duties.

With this 30 minute course, users can listen to the significance of driver safety and the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents on the road.

This course also teaches the ways you can prevent driver fatigue and comply with driver management procedures while at work.


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