Webinar catchup: ROI on Go1 content for Totara partners

Jamie Fish

After spending some time to walk you through the Go1 Content that is available to Totara Partners in our webinar last month, this month Jamie was back to take a more detailed look at the  Return on Investment for Totara Partners using Go1 Content, and how you can start generating additional Annual Recurring Revenue from being involved.

In this webinar for Totara Partners, we do a step by step walkthrough of the entire process of using Go1 Content from signing up to generating revenue, including working examples based on current average contracts so you can see exactly how the program works.

We did run 2 seperate webinars so we could cover specific details relating to each region, and we have got the recording of both of them available for you below - so please make sure you watch the recap that is most relevant to your business.

If you are based in the United States or Oceania, here is your recap:

If you are based in the United Kingdom or Europe, here is your recap:

If you have any questions about what was covered you can reach one of our team members at

If you are a Totara Partner and want to get started with Go1 content, learn more and get started here

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