Walkgrove joins Go1 as a content partner

Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

We're delighted to have partnered with Walkgrove- a company who are passionate about providing award-winning bespoke eLearning solutions for companies and individuals!

About Walkgrove


Walkgrove is a training consultancy, formed in 1994, which specialises in the development of mainly bespoke training solutions using all modern media, including e-learning, mobile and VR. It has many clients in the public, private and not for profit sectors, and have worked with the likes of M + W Group, Maximus, Cory Environmental, Australia Post and Napp Pharmaceuticals.

Walkgrove works hard to ensure that their training options deliver real value and impact businesses tangibly and positively. With a diverse range of training options, their courses are great for anyone who would benefit from building self-confidence and self-belief in their abilities before moving into more complex areas of managing people and events. This is particularly beneficial for junior and aspiring managers and team leaders and supervisors!

Course topics include:

  • Great Communication
  • Influencing
  • Management and Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Team Development
  • Great Meetings
  • Presentations

Join us now!

Walkgrove is a valuable addition to Go1 and we hope that you enjoy all of what they have to offer. You can now access their training as part of Go1 Premium for no additional costs today.

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