Using Drupal for learning management

Scott Cooper

Go1 CEO Andrew Barnes was recently invited to DrupalGov Canberra 2016 where he spoke about how to use Drupal for learning management. DrupalGov is an organization promoting Drupal in the public sector, founded in 2013. They help passionate public-sector communities create opportunities for learning, networking and sharing their knowledge and experience with Drupal.

Having worked with the product since Drupal 4.6, Andrew and the Go1 team have been making some great advancements using the Drupal over many years. Throughout the presentation Andrew discusses a range of topic relating to using Drupal in Learning Management including the importance of learning, curating content, advantages of fostering a learning environment, H5P and new interactive learning experiences, assessing competency and much more.

You can watch Andrew's presentation here:

For more information and details on upcoming DrupalGov events head to http://drupalgov.org

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