How you can use eLearning to acquire new skills

John Sherman

Things are changing at an exponential pace in today’s world. The manner in which people are expected to acquire new skills and complete tasks is ever-changing and the practice of keeping up can seem daunting.

Why Should You Consider Online Learning To Acquire New Skills? 

In an effort to share in the changing of time, many employers expect their employees to acquire new skills or improve their existing ones on a continual basis through training and coursework. While the standard of yesteryear may have mandated that these lessons take place in a traditional classroom, today’s norms see more and more people utilizing eLearning alternatives.

From a professional point-of-view, employers and employees alike understand that continued education is a guaranteed way of improving success within the workplace. Online learning is an incredibly efficient method of providing, and receiving, any necessary instruction needed to further one’s business. While many tend to think of distance learning courses in relation to degree programs and certificates, but they often don’t realize that these classes can be used to develop individual skills in the workforce.

3 eLearning Advantages For Professionals

While there are numerous ways that eLearning can be beneficial for professionals, there are 3 major advantages that we are going to talk about today.

1. Increased Career Opportunities.

One of the most common ways for an employee to ensure they’re being considered for any available promotions is to expand their skill set within the company. If, for example, an individual is interested in moving up within the marketing department, they should look at what skills are needed to successfully fulfill the requirements of the higher-level positions within that area. Since social media marketing has become a huge platform for companies, for example, these candidates may want to consider taking an online course in the subject that may provide the additional knowledge needed to make them an ideal candidate for the job.

By expanding their wheelhouse and continuing to learn throughout their careers, professionals are able to use eLearning to become invaluable assets to whatever company and/or job they’re vying for.

2. Professional Gains And Business Success.

Consider this scenario for a moment:

Your company has a lead on an Italian organization that could become a major asset to your business. However, you realize that your Italian language skills are nonexistent and you have no way of attempting to communicate in the company’s native tongue. However, if you learn some rudimentary Italian, you can show the reps for that company that you’re willing to put in that extra work. An online course in basic Italian is a great way to improve your skills and preparing for this opportunity.

These types of distance learning opportunities are available in a broad range of subjects and areas. Whatever your immediate business need is, there are options available that can expand your reach as an employee.

3. Keeping Up With Technology.

Technology is in a constant cycle of growth and change. While it may seem impossible to keep up, eLearning provides an ideal space to grow right along with it. What better platform to increase your technical skills than in a digital space?

If any individual is unsure of a new software program or update that is vital to their personal and professional lives, online courses are great solutions. It’s essential that employees stay abreast of the latest technical improvements within an organization.

4 Reasons Why Digital Courses Are Incredibly Effective

There’s often a lot to be said about the benefits that can come from a face-to-face learning environment. However, it’s also important to note that a digital classroom comes with its own set of perks and benefits.

While the reasons previously discussed are often enough incentive for people to consider online education, you might want more specific examples of the ways digital courses are often preferred to their in-class alternatives.

1. Flexible Schedules.

For working professionals, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. So driving to campus multiple times a week, at mandated hours, often isn’t feasible. With online learning, however, individuals regain the ability to control their own schedules. This advantage makes it easier for people to obtain the new skills that will improve their chances of further success.

2. More Economical Costs.

The lower costs that come with choosing online learning make it a more feasible option for learning new skills. When students are paying less money, they are often more willing and able to take multiple courses as well. This means that an individual can spend some time focusing on Quickbooks this month and then brush up on their Spanish next without the added burden of high course fees or potential debt.

3. Increased Availability. 

When an individual is considering a class in a traditional classroom setting, there is no room for spontaneity. The student must first select a specific semester to begin their lessons and are then limited to the number of times their course of interest is being offered. Depending on the timelines and needs for the skills and information learned in these courses, waiting for a new session to start may not be beneficial. With an eLearning platform, many colleges and/or companies will allow the student to begin their coursework whenever is beneficial for them. If someone’s need for a certain class is more imperative, this provides them with the chance to start their lessons right away.

4. Various Learning Formats.

No two people are exactly alike, including the ways in which they learn and with eLearning you have tons of options.

For example, here are a few of the various learning formats available:

  • Short, modular-type work.
  • Lengthier lessons.
  • Video learning.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Interactive quizzes.

By selecting a class that’s more appropriate for your desired style of learning, you’ll be better equipped to actually absorb the information in the long run.

Learning New Skills Has Never Been Easier

For today’s adults, the preference for digital coursework is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. In fact, by the end of 2016, experts believe that the eLearning market will be worth approximately $51.5 billion.

Men and women realize that in their professional and personal lives, it’s essential to grow intellectually and keep up with the ever-changing times. While finding the time and availability to acquire new skills may seem challenging, online classes make it quite easy and efficient.


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