Try our new reporting tools with the Go1 December update

Chris Hood

As we approach the end of 2017 we have one final round of updates to the Go1 Platform that will set you up for a great start to the new year! With this update you will be able to take a deeper look at how users are interacting with individual learning items within Premium content as well as Awards, view learner transcripts, review groups prior to joining and more.

Administrators can view a Learner’s Award progress

To provide greater clarity around current and needed training, Administrators can now view the Learning Records tab for a Learner’s enrolment in an Award. By clicking on the "View Details" button from a Learner’s Award enrolment, available through the Reports tab on an Award, the Administrator can view the courses and external learning items that learner has accrued against that Award.

View reporting on Premium learning items

Understanding which Premium content learning items are best for your learners can be tough, so we’ve now added a “Results” tab on all learning items so that administrators take a closer look at how their learners are interacting with specific learning item. Simply to the the learning item, and click the results tab to view the report.

Have multiple authors on a single learning item

To improve the learning content creation process, you can now have multiple authors not only on a course, but on individual learning items themselves.

Courses with scheduled dates now appear on course card

To make it quicker and easier to find the right scheduled course that you are looking for, all scheduled courses now have the dates, and number of seats available displayed on the course card.

Reporting available in individual Awards

To make it easier to track Awards without having to look at individual courses, we have added a Reports tab to all awards page. Here you can utilise all of the Go1 reporting tools, as applied to your users completing Awards.

Group review now available

Just like with courses, you should be able to view a group before deciding to commit to it. With this update you can view the current public comments without joining to decide if the group is the right fit for your needs.

Other updates and Improvements:

  • New interface for Integration settings
  • Add default avatar for groups within a portal

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If you have any questions about any of the updates and improvements listed above, please let us know and our Customer Success Team can help you out!

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