Top challenges facing Malaysian graduates entering the workforce

Syah Omar

According to current statistics, hundreds of thousands graduates in Malaysia are jobless, and it’s due to elements which fail them in the interview stage.

Are these fresh Malaysian graduates actually incompetent? The answer is no, but how can you ensure that you are properly prepared to head into the workforce after graduating. We take a closer look at how we can start to diminish all the negative perception towards our future colleagues and leaders.

The Current Situation

As we are all aware, coming into the world of employment is a dramatic change of pace compared to the lives graduates completing their studies. This is a world where they need to prove themselves even before being hired.

Imagine scrolling through job-posts and finding that everyone listing states that “2 years’ experience is required”.

The average person will send in an application hoping to be called for the interview and plan to portray a so-called fast learner with an energetic and brilliant personality, and although they may possess the quality required, they still fail the interview.

This is primarily due to the applicant’s inability to express these qualities during the interview process. Employers describe them as not having the required critical thinking ability, no ability to take the initiative, lacking in communication skills, and so on.

However, these factors are not a true representation of the applicants. Fresh graduates are just not being prepped well enough to handle the interview process. They need some tips and guidance to have the ability to conveying their capabilities.

So, how do they do this? That’s where Go1 comes in!

The Change

It’s important to look at solving this predicament from both the perspective of the applicant and the employer.

APPLICANT: Stop going into interviews unprepared! Acquire the skills, knowledge and information needed to have the power in conveying your abilities. It’s time for a CHANGE!

When you don’t have any work experience it’s is hard to answer any questions that will relate to the position you are applying for. Instead, focus on your assets that will be used to within the position that will show your employer you will be a good fit for the role. Your assets must be at the same par as the other experienced applicants.

For example, although a student has multiple times used Microsoft Office in doing their assignments, it is NOTHING compared to the usage of working environments. So, explaining to the interviewer that you are at an intermediate level (and pursuing expert level) due to the online courses which you have taken would surely help a lot.

Also, fluently expressing your knowledge in Cyber Security Basics, Accounting Equation or anything related to the job being applied is always the way for winning an interview.

Trust me when I say that those examples above are something that have not been seen through my experience. Yet, is EASILY achievable..

EMPLOYER: Start digging for talent in the interview sessions. Be creative! Look outside the immediate role and consider how the applicant will fit into the wider organization.

In Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, Tom says “my problem with recruiting was not the actual function of recruiting, IT WAS THE LACK OF CREATIVITY AND ADVENTURE in my work that had been killing me softly….”.

It’s time for a CHANGE!

Acquiring more knowledge is a good start to being creative and adventurous. Find ways on picking up talent that will benefit the company. A skilled interviewer must always be selective about hiring. An experienced candidate is not always good for the organization.

It is the people we choose that creates the culture in the organization. Creating the right culture through the right people will benefit organizations in the long run. Keep the organization relevant & competitive by choosing the right people for success and move towards a better future.

How to achieve change

Both graduates and employers are holding on to a tradition that has resulted in the current statistic of jobless future leaders.

Online learning is the best acquirable mode of knowledge that is best suited to implement these changes. A valuable and inexpensive resource to consider is a platform which enable a user to find, filter and even share the content accordingly to their needs. Go1 Premium is the answer!

Everything you need from professional development, leadership, Human Resource, IT, sales skill and communications is available and they are all created by experts.

It is cost-effective, certificates issued, 24-hour support, and the freedom to choose in the spirit of betterment. Get started with Go1 Premium today. You are one step towards a better future reality!


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