Top 5 Microsoft Excel courses

John Sherman

Do you know what Microsoft Excel can really do?

You must be thinking – of course I do, it’s for generating spreadsheets, right? But, Microsoft Excel is more than just creating simple column and row spreadsheets. This is a powerful software tool you can use to enhance how your company does business.

That brings us to the next subject – Microsoft Excel courses. In recent years, these courses have become increasingly popular in the workplace, especially for new employee training and continued development.

Now you might be thinking – why do I need Microsoft Excel training in my business, isn’t that just a big waste of time? The simple answer to this question is no – you are actually wasting time not investing in proper Microsoft Excel Courses!

There’s so many features and hidden gems about Microsoft Excel that many companies don’t know about because they haven’t taken the time to learn. These features can improve the way you do business and make everyday tasks run more efficiently.

In addition, providing courses and training on Microsoft Excel for your employees is going to make them more familiar with how they can incorporate Excel tips and tricks into their everyday computing habits.

This will allow employees to become more productive without any extra effort and not waste any more time on mundane tasks in the office.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune on training courses – there are plenty of e-learning courses that are available online that you can integrate with your LMS instantly.

So, do you want to know what on earth macros are or how you can use shortcuts to make your office more productive? Read on to find out the top five Microsoft Excel courses that will make your company and business excel.

Excel 2013 Introduction

The Excel 2013 Introduction course is perfect for providing a beginner course that covers all the basics to get your employees started.

Whether you’re a start-up business or just introducing new trainees to the department in your company, this program lays down all the foundations you need.

Before you know it, employees will know how to create and enter data and confidently save and print spreadsheets.

As you progress through the steps, you’ll be introduced to more intermediate functions, such as formulas, relative and absolute cell references and formatting, as well as collaboration on a workbook.

With this starter course, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Microsoft Excel Interactive Tutorial: Working with Charts

If you are preparing marketing reports or want to see your department data displayed instantly, the Microsoft Excel Interactive Tutorial: Working with Charts course will teach you every aspect you need to know to make this happen!

This fun and interactive 40 minute course explains how to choose and create the right chart with your data. The information applies to all software years, such as Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013, which means that every workplace can benefit from this training.

Now you don’t have to settle for just boring numbers, statistics and spreadsheets – you can have eye-catching charts instead.

Microsoft Excel 2010: The ultimate Bundle

If your company has employees at all different ability and experience levels, you’ll benefit more from Microsoft Excel 2010: The Ultimate Bundle (All Levels).

This course accommodates all learners and provides your employees with training that’ll suit their needs and abilities for using Microsoft Excel 2010.

There is beginner, intermediate and advanced training, with step-by-step tutorials and practice files, as well as engaging quizzes to test employee learning.

Before you know it, your employees will be using magic macros to perform everyday repetitive tasks without having to think about it, as well as insert charts and use formulas to show data.

This course can even be used as preparation for the official Microsoft Office Specialist Exam.

Microsoft Excel 2013: The Ultimate Bundle

If you have Microsoft Excel 2013 in your office, this Microsoft Excel 2013: The Ultimate Bundle (All Levels) course will be ideal for training and the continued development of your employees.

With multiple levels, the course is suitable for first-time Excel users and the more tech-savvy employees.

The beginner level teaches you how to create your first worksheet and allows you to progress at a steady pace, in order to take advantage of its other features.

Other levels look to strengthen the skills employees already have and introduce new techniques, such as how to organize your worksheet and analyze data using pivot tables and charts.

The course is made up of engaging videos that display an instructor carrying out the task and demonstrating how employees can use the feature, with a step-by-step format that is easy to understand.

There are practice files where you can apply your training, before going onto your own worksheets. There are also quizzes to test your knowledge. The course is suitable for using in preparation for the official Microsoft Office Specialist Exam.

Microsoft Excel 2016 MOS Certification Training

The Microsoft Excel 2016 MOS Certification Training course is great for businesses that require employees to be proficient in Excel and that need to pass their expert certification exams.

This course uses a mixture of readings and videos for learning, as well as quizzes and exercises to test employee knowledge.

From learning about information security and how to protect your worksheets to filtering lists and how to trace precedents, this training course has it all.

What’s more, it’s tested and approved by ProCert Labs, which is the official tester of Microsoft courseware. This means you can rely on this course to effectively train your employees and be prepared for the exams.

There you have it – the top five Microsoft Excel courses out there that’ll benefit your business and improve employee training.

Whether it’s teaching the basics, refreshing skills or using new advanced features, Excel training can give your employees the boost they need to perform more efficiently in the office and adapt to the business needs of today.

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