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John Sherman

The threat from online insecurity is no laughing matter for organizations doing business in today’s market. Yahoo’s 2016 security breach, which comprised one billion user accounts and cost an estimated $4.8 billion for the company to deal with, is a well-known case. Yet there are many others that while not so large, cause untold damage to businesses both large and small. Considering these dangers, isn’t online security an area that your business needs to get absolutely right?

Thankfully, the Internet has many online courses for improving both personal and organizational online security. There are plenty of online security courses being offered, but we’re here to suggest five of the best. This brief list offers cutting-edge knowledge, expert opinion, and a varying level of detail. We’ve arranged our list from most basic to most advanced, to offer someone for all levels of expertise.

When these valuable resources could be the difference between business success and business insecurity, the only difficulty is deciding on which course to pick.

Go1 - Security Awareness Training

The Security Awareness Training course, available from online training provider Go1, is the ideal introduction to internet security for individuals who need to learn about the basics of keeping safe online.

This course is aimed at professionals with little prior knowledge of internet workings. It employs language that is easy to understand yet teaches vital lessons on security and privacy, including phishing attacks, the importance of passwords, and how to keep personal devices like mobile phones secure.

If you’re not familiar with online security or feel at risk using the internet for work-related tasks then this is the course for you. It will provide a solid foundation upon which to build your confidence online, keeping you safe from potential predators.

Security Awareness Training is extremely well priced and offers incredible value for money. Sign up!

Open Sesame - Understand Cyber Security

As this course explains, online threats are all too frequent and the signs of threats too frequently ignored. That’s why Open Sesame wants to improve student’s understanding of cyber security and keep machines, and the valuable information they hold, safer than ever before.

This level of this course is ideal for anyone who knows their way around computers and the internet but lacks professional knowledge on how best to improve their online security. It’s great for brushing up on safety procedures for employees who work online a lot.

There are many aspects of online security covered in the course including the threat of phishing and social engineering, the signs to be aware of to spot a virus-infected machine, as well as safe password practice.

Understand Cyber Security is a quick but efficient way to make sure you’re safe while using the internet and it won’t break the bank.

ISACA – CyberSecurity Fundamentals Online Course

From the independent, non-profit ISACA organization (previously known as Information Systems Audit and Control Association), the CyberSecurity Fundamentals Online Course walks learners through all foundational cybersecurity principles that are the bedrock of safe online practice for business systems today.

This course stretches over a minimum of 8 hours and leaves the learner assured of their security management knowledge. Targeted at students or recent graduates who are interested in entering into the cybersecurity field, this is a course for which learners should have a good understanding of computer systems.

Some of the topics addressed are the architecture of system security, incident response, and a whole host of interesting topics around emerging online threats.

At a cost of $400 for those who aren’t ISACA members, this is a fair investment. Check out the course pack to investigate further.

Software Engineering Institute – Information Security for Technical Staff, eLearning

The Software Engineering Institute is part of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University and offers practical techniques that security staff can use to bolster their online security credentials.

Across 13 modules the course will teach best policy for system configuration, cryptography, and incident response to name but a few topics covered.

It goes without saying that this course requires students to already hold a high-level of computer systems understanding. It is intended specifically for systems security staff and the SEI actually recommends students have a minimum of two year’s experience under their belts before thinking about enrolling.

The cost reflects the level of expertise on offer but to improve your knowledge of both systems and online security, and to add some serious weight to your CV, this is a fantastic option.

CPDforMe - 10 Week Security Audit and Training Course

At the most tech savvy end of the spectrum is the 10 Week Security and Audit Training Course from CPDforMe. Hosted by Craig Rispin, an expert in technology trends who counts IBM and Toyota among some of his clients, this is an intensive program that plunges the depths of the Critical Security Controls, as described by the world’s global standard in securing IT systems, the Center for Internet Security.

This is an information heavy course that demands its students already have a good understanding of IT systems and the internet. This isn’t for those who want to be safe sending an email. It’s strictly for IT professionals.

Teaching security controls that were first used by the US military, this is a course that can offer the information necessary to secure an entire system.

Take a look to see what the fuss is about.

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