These 3 courses will show you how to create new demand and stand apart from the competition

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Go1 is excited to announce three new courses from the Blue Ocean AcademyTM, the official blue ocean learning provider under the Blue Ocean Global NetworkTM.


Why you need to create blue oceans

If your business is like most businesses, you’re competing for a greater share of shrinking demand. In the face of today’s global trends and technological developments, this cutthroat competition is becoming fiercer. It’s a red ocean and it’s getting bloodier all the time.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Apple, Facebook, Amazon or any great company you can think of didn’t succeed by imitating what others in their industry were doing; why should you?

With the right strategy, you can shift to a blue ocean of uncontested market space.

Making a blue ocean shift is about creating new demand rather than competing for existing customers. You need to identify your noncustomers: buyers that don’t buy into your industry, product or service yet.

You also need to identify the pain points your industry imposes on buyers and get a clear picture of how they limit the appeal and size of your industry.

These three courses are your essential introduction to understanding and applying blue ocean concepts and methodologies, and setting you on route to a blue ocean of uncontested market space.

About the courses

 Blue Ocean AcademyTM have partnered with Go1 and Premium content partner ViaUp, to deliver three short, engaging and interactive courses that will show you how to systematically create blue oceans of new market space.  

The Blue Ocean Global Network (BOGN) is a community of expert blue ocean practitioners founded by world-renowned Professors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift

BOGN have played a very active role in the development of each new course, making sure that each module is full of high quality case studies and interactive elements that allow people to see real world applications of blue ocean strategy.

The new courses are in the form of micro-modules that take people through specific aspects of blue ocean in easy to understand, bite-sized chunks.

  • Navigating the Blue Ocean
    In just ten minutes, you will understand what blue ocean strategy is, how it differs from a red ocean approach, and how to navigate both oceans to discover exciting new business opportunities.
  • Looking to the Horizon and Beyond Existing Demand
    This course has been designed to help you understand how you can create new demand by looking at noncustomers of your current industry.
  • Mapping the Course to Exceptional Value
    Perfect for those trying to reach new customers, this course helps you to understand how to uncover and create exceptional value for buyers by identifying and addressing pain points those customers have within the market.

Get started with blue ocean courses now and transform your business through the proven tools and methodology of new market creation.

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