The modern learner is in a hurry: how L&D can help

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett

The modern learner is at the heart of today’s digital transformation, with organisations racing to keep up with the pace of change, to leverage the mix of ever-changing technologies, data, and channels, and to provide learners with the support and resources they need to stay current.

With 80% of employees learning how to do their job simply by doing it, the focus is very much on the astute L&D professional to support learners in overcoming their everyday problems and challenges.

The smart L&D professional recognises that lengthy linear e-learning and time-hungry classroom training are not necessarily the best way to appeal to today’s busy learners, who are looking to solve problems at the point of need, whilst in the work flow.

When looking at the urgent, short term needs of the modern learner, L&D can be successful, by working with individuals and considering how they can directly impact the performance and productivity of a learner in the business. It’s important not to assume that the solution is always formal training, when short sharp work support and problem solving solutions such as microlearning could be the answer.

Additionally, when thinking about personal development, the modern learner’s motivation is often self-centred and driven by the need to keep themselves up-to-date with new knowledge and skills to remain marketable.

At MicroLearn, we’ve carefully considered how we can support L&D meet the short term problem solving and work support demands of the modern learner, as well as their longer term personal development aspirations. MicroLearn has developed a unique approach to our resource development with the creation of two resources which cater for just-in-time, day to day work support (Video Plus) and for the more reflective career development (Full Module).

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What are you waiting for? Your modern learners are in a hurry!

About the Author:

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett is the Group Commercial Director at Microlearn. You can find MicroLearn courses in the Go1 Premium catalogue.

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