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The importance of reskilling and how L&D can best support talent right now 

Episode 20 of the Learning with Go1 podcast out now! We're joined by Mark Weston, Talent Development Manager at Colas to discuss how L&D and HR can improve their reskilling efforts to increase retention and engagement and best support talent right now. 
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

In the context of learning today, why is upskilling and reskilling essential for talent development? … And how does it affect employee retention and workplace productivity? 

In episode 20 of the Learning with Go1 podcast Mark Weston, Talent Development Manager from Colas, joins our host Craig Hamill to chat about the world of upskilling, reskilling and career development. Together, they provide insights and advice on how L&D and HR professionals can improve their upskilling and reskilling efforts to increase retention and engagement and best support talent within their organisations. 

Check out some of our favourite highlights below. 

What is the role of digital in supporting reskilling in L&D? 

When it comes to L&D and digital, selecting the right learning solution for the right occasion is key. 

Digital gives organisations the ability and confidence to assess and pick the right solutions and think outside the box. Whilst organisations can indeed learn a lot from others, Mark encourages L&D professionals to not be afraid of changing things up. Use digital as an opportunity to pave a unique path that aligns with your individual business values. 

“Make sure that you're just not doing it because everyone is doing it. Your people are your people and just because Company X does it in one way, doesn't mean that your company should do it the same.”  

What are the key takeaways for reskilling and supporting talent? 

In order to understand the why and the what in terms of the things you're trying to solve, you must first understand your people. 

Whether it's a problem or just something that's missing within the organisation, by adopting the “learning, listening and understanding” approach and allowing employees to be heard, organisations will gain a deeper perspective when it comes to building their talent and career planning strategies.  

Mark shares more advice below. 

Upskilling and reskilling is a key component of long-term growth and organisational change. We hope that you enjoyed the podcast and could take away some strategies to implement in your own organisations.  

If you haven’t already, listen to the full podcast here to learn more. 

We look forward to continuing the rest of the series, with L&D professionals already scheduled to join us from Cyprus, Egypt, Oman, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, the USA, and many more. Stay tuned!    

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